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  "Original Equipment" MK III offer! (doogymon)
Posted: 12:14:53 pm on 12/7/2012 Modified: 7:28:47 pm on 12/7/2012
Eyeballing a MK III with original Gel Coat, and sails (no furler).Boat looks clean and lightly used. Has the Yanmar Single 12 HP. This is a boat that would suit me fine. Don't want to seem cheap or insulting but if stuff is worn out, can a guy offer 2/3?


  Re: (Tonyj)
Posted: 11:18:16 am on 12/7/2012 Modified: Never
Hi Doog:
Can you offer 2/3?.  That depends.  First, it's the middle of winter, not peak selling season, a point in your favor.  If the  boat was only recently listed, the owner will probably be resistant to a lower offer.  On the other hand, if it's been on the market for a while, there is  more likely to be some willingness to negotiate.  If you have the boat surveyed, and you should, you can use the issues uncovered by the survey as reasons for your reduced offer.
So go ahead, make the lower offer and let us know how it works out!
Good Luck,
Tony Jeske
San Diego  
  Re: (davidww1)
Posted: 1:08:45 pm on 12/7/2012 Modified: Never
Two-thirds may sound aggressive, but this really depends on the starting point. What's the going rate for similar craft in your area? Ditto for areas within reach - major metropolises aren't that far away and there are a lot of "committed" (= desperate) sellers out there. Just as a point of reference, a 27 that sounds like the mirror of the boat you are considering (Mk III, lightly used, never upgraded) sold quickly at my Toronto club for $15k asking (we don't know the final price).

As with the boat you are looking at, much of the inventory was tired to the point of uselessness. Thirty+ years doesn't matter much for anchors and rodes, but at that age, the fibres in the sails are beginning to break down to the point that they damage easily and aren't repairable; you could end up with a split mainsail in the middle of your much-anticipated cruise. By the same token, the foam in the cushions is probably turning to powder.

I suggest that you have the boat surveyed. Lightly used is often coupled with "lightly looked after" and as we all know, the smooth sheen of good gelcoat can hide a multitude of issues. You will need the survey for insurance purposes if you buy, and a good surveyor will be able to give you some indication if the price is reasonable, or a reasonable justification for offering less.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: MK III offer! (doogymon)
Posted: 12:08:12 pm on 12/9/2012 Modified: 1:18:16 pm on 12/9/2012
The Boat Market appears rather confusing depending on what side of the 49th you live on. Trailer-sailing(gunkholing) for about a decade + and would like to own a solid keel. Gawked at all the C&Cs..Corvette, 30' 35' and Hinterhoellers. I like the C&Cs. The 27 seems like a good fit and 10 ft longer than my present boat. I want to cruise but maybe someday try a few beer can races. Is the 27 more versatile than the 30 for the Great Lakes? I usually sail with my dog so smaller equals better fit. The boat in question is all original and a few K less than the average northern boat. Survey time I guess. Thanks Tony and David. Great site.  

  Re: MK III offer! (Kilroy)
Posted: 9:08:25 pm on 12/15/2012 Modified: 9:09:10 pm on 12/15/2012
Look at many 27 boats. There are things you must consider as well. When we bought our C&C 27 I knew the deck was shot and needed major work (and money). I spent many many hours working on this boat. I enjoyed most of the time but it was time consuming. We are now looking at selling the boat and my wife has told me NOT to go with a fixer upper. You must consider if you have to do major work were you can do it, such as a garage(if you can find a door big enough) and temperature. When we put our final coats on moisture got between the coats and the next two years the deck started to peel. So off with the hardware and lets do it again.
My C&C 27 is for sale and has a lot of new on it. Ready to sail.  
Tim ,Windsor On.
"Oui R One"
C&C 27 MK III  511