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  New Rope (CONSORT2012)
Posted: 11:48:29 pm on 12/9/2012 Modified: Never
Hi All,
Bit of a long question here. Searched the forum for my rope info but no luck so far. Couple of questions on rope size and cost. Outfitting all new lines on my MKV. Wondering if anyone has specific manufacturers/dealers to check on best pricing for hybrid performance ropes cost effective to Toronto. Regarding size, the site guide says mostly 3/8 needed with a bit of 7/16 for select lines. A friend with many racing honours tells me 3/8 size for the entire boat is more than enough. Real questions are should I spring for Spectra and what is good local price? Is another combination of line same quality and same price or less? My own research has turned up fairly significant price differentials between dealers on Spectra alone that don't seem to make too much sense. $350 per foot and $155 per foot on same quality Spec. Is anyone buying by the spool and need a partner or interested in going that route this winter? I'm thinking I may actually invest in a 3/8 Spectra spool and try to trade the remaining(maybe?) Would love to hear otherwise. Thanks for the input.

C&C27 MkV

  Re: New Rope (Steve Reid)
Posted: 7:48:38 pm on 12/10/2012 Modified: Never
3/8 spectra may well be all that is needed from a strength standpoint, but you crew may not be really happy having to hold onto a sheet or haylard of that diamiter.
From my perspective you need to look at what each piece of line is doing, how and who is handeling it and how often is it used.
For example Genoa sheets and haylards should be made of line that has no or verry minimal stretch.. On the other hand Spinnaker halyards and pole down hauls need to have some give to absorb shock so the spinnaker doesn't get jumpy in lumpy conditions.
One of the most knolagable people I know is Cam Copland at Fogh Marine, give him a call or stop by and pick his brain on size and type of materials.

Steve Reid
Still Knot Working MkV #75
  Re: New Rope (davidww1)
Posted: 1:39:26 pm on 12/10/2012 Modified: Never
Towser is a MkIV, so the sail sizes are slightly larger than yours, but the difference is not huge and some of this may help.

Towser is almost all 5/16" Spectra sheets, guys and halyards. The cunningham and outhaul are 3/8" dacron, and the mainsheet is 7/16" (but is due for replacement). I've never heard any complaints about holding the lines; it's what we're all used to and of course, contemporary sticky gloves help. Every line is a different colour for easy identification when the cockpit turns into a rats-nest; this is also a great asset when sailing with people who aren't familiar with the boat.

The primary advantage of thinner lines is that they run through the blocks much faster than thicker material. The disadvantage that people don't mention is that clutches don't grip as well (even the ones ostensibly for that size of line, and if you're going from 7/16", you need to switch), nor do the grippers on our self-tailer primaries. On balance, though, I'd say the lighter line is an unreserved positive.

As to price, I got most of our new line during winter specials - 30 and 50 per cent off if I recall correctly. For the sheets and guys, I just said the hell with it and paid retail, but think I was working more int the $1.60/ft range (you need to go back and put some decimal points in your prices).

Hope this helps.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: New Rope (CONSORT2012)
Posted: 11:14:38 pm on 12/13/2012 Modified: Never
Thanks for the feedback gentlemen. Will follow up with Cam at Fogh if possible. Steve your point about line handling comfort for crew is noted. Have to say I'm disappointed at hearing I must apparently still listen to crew now that I'm the owner/captain. I was looking forward to enforcing the bread/water routine but I guess those d*** democrats have made inroads everywhere;}
I will likely stay with 7/16 for Main/Genny sheets as noted in site guide, and 3/8 for the rest. Interesting that you have smaller lines throughout the boat David. Do you race a lot or just comfortable with those lighter lines? Definitely going with multi-colour rope for the overall learning curve (myself and crew) which means I cannot take advantage of the price points I was hoping for but that seems par for course. I am expecting to get at least one spool of 3/8 Spectra up from the states this Christmas and may have extra if anyone is interested. As to the clutches, these are the original red/green Schaeffer's that seem quite worn so I am expecting to replace them and will match rope sizes as required. I am both looking forward to probably living at the Boat Show, and wondering just what is in store for my budget in January. But it's all good, and thanks again.

C&C27 MkV

  Re: New Rope (davidww1)
Posted: 11:30:37 am on 12/14/2012 Modified: Never
Towser is used for a mix of club racing and daysailing. As I said, we're all used to the lighter lines, so there are no handling issues. In fact, quite the contrary.

As to stoppers, I have to say that I'm not thrilled with our new Spinlock stoppers. They're better than the old Spinlocks, but that's not saying much. A friend removed all the Spinlocks from his C&C 99 and replaced them with Lewmar stoppers, which he is very happy with. Anyone else have any experience with different types?

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: New Rope (ALAN FORD)
Posted: 7:17:53 pm on 12/14/2012 Modified: 7:21:36 pm on 12/14/2012
Martin, there is a long thread about rope clutches some three years back. If you 'search' under the subject 'rope clutches' you'll find it. My four double Spinlock XAS06/12 units  work well, no slippage and almost no chafe after three years of use and abuse .

Alan of SMOKE 1984 Mk V 002

  Re: New Rope (JWente)
Posted: 10:25:39 am on 12/16/2012 Modified: Never
Definitly use spectra for main and genny halyards. There are a couple of rope makers in Barrie that will make Spectra halyards to order.  They are allways at the boat show, and the prices are good.
  Re: New Rope (Katara)
Posted: 7:45:48 pm on 2/6/2014 Modified: Never
When i bought my mk 3 the halyards where in bad shape . This winter i was shopping for new Halyards . I asked Klacko first seeing as we're friends , Danny was the highest price point . I talked to red point ropes (Barrie) at the boat show , second highest price . I e-mailed Yates rigging great prices , only draw back was the shipping of my hardware out to them costs . I then Talked with Leo Reise at Brewer's Marine in Hamilton , same price as Yates no shipping charges . Leo made me up new rope to wire Halyards and whipped my rope ends for $120.00 a halyard .

Gerard Warner
Katara, '79 Mk III
Bronte, ON