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  windows (ptvncnt)
Posted: 6:50:31 pm on 1/9/2013 Modified: Never
hey i know theres been a lot said about windows but does anyone have an idea of how thick they are i am afraid that previous owner may have put in thinner ones
  Re: windows (Kilroy)
Posted: 12:18:36 pm on 1/11/2013 Modified: Never
Mark III the windows are 1/8" thick.

Tim ,Windsor On.
"Oui R One"
C&C 27 MK III  511
  Re: windows (ptvncnt)
Posted: 5:20:50 pm on 1/11/2013 Modified: Never
thanks that solves one problem now onto the next

  Re: windows (diva27)
Posted: 10:05:10 am on 1/19/2013 Modified: Never
The seals on the main windows on my Mk 1 are shot. I have two questions here:
1. Is South Shore Yachts still the source for the replacement seals?
2. Has anyone ever attempted to replace these fixed windows with an opening port assembly of some kind?

Doug Hunter
C&C 27 Mk1
Midland Bay Sailing Club

  Re: windows (Konzeled)
Posted: 5:09:32 pm on 6/24/2013 Modified: Never
Just did one window on Flyer (Mk I sn 75).  The seal was a vertical, flat, rubber gasket which was attached to the frame and pressed against the window itself.  I applied DAP Removable Weatherstrip Sealant (Home Depot for about $5 per tube) to the gasket and pressed the window into place. I then pushed the grey, external strip into place. It held the window in place until the sealant set, but is not part of the water seal. I have used the removable sealant for home windows for years and found it to be an excellent product.  It stays pliable and can be peeled off if required.C&C27 Flyer
  Re: windows (diva27)
Posted: 7:55:07 pm on 6/25/2013 Modified: Never
I went ahead and ordered the kit from south shore and followed the instructions. I didn't apply any sealer at all, and so far they have withstood leakage admirably, but the sealant you used is good to know about. I also took the old plexi to a window company in Midland (Templeton) on the recommendation of a friend and they cut me two replacement windows for the main cabin at a grand total of $20 for labour and materials.
I have the rest of the gasket kit still in hand but decided to replace the small forward windows with Beckson opening ports, which has been an epic adventure all its own. A friend replaced the small windows in his C&C 30 with the Beckson ports. I discovered however that the new ports are deeper than the existing windows in the 27, and the frame also had to extend at the forward end into the radius between the cabin side and deck. Fortunately there is a lot of solid glass material in that radius. I used a dremel-style sanding tool to very carefully create a flat in the radius (along with a beveled flat on the Beckson outer ring) to get a proper fit. The port's vertical angle is probably max for the design, and a small amount of water gathers at the seal after a rain, but it has not leaked. I have done the port in the head and need time to tackle the same one in the hanging locker, which is going to require some mods to the locker carpentry in order for it to open properly.

Doug Hunter
C&C 27 Mk1
Midland Bay Sailing Club

  Re: windows (cphippen)
Posted: 12:43:11 pm on 7/2/2013 Modified: Never
I had always wanted opening windows on my MKIII, so last fall when I read the article in Sail magazine about custom windows I jumped at the chance.
I had Bomon from near Montreal make me up two custom fit windows to replace the larger aft windows with ones that open!  In the end I cut the holes about 1/2" deeper, and rounded the corners a bit, but the new windows fit very nicely, don't leak, and best of all open to allow ventilation
  Re: windows (mbasscc27)
Posted: 3:30:27 pm on 1/3/2014 Modified: Never
Could you post a pic of your opening windows and a little more info on where you sourced them thanks, mike

Mike Bass,
C&C 27 hull 165,
Pend Orielle, Idaho

  Re: windows (cphippen)
Posted: 1:06:17 pm on 1/3/2014 Modified: Never
Hi Mike,
I bought my windows (custom built for me) from Bomon Industries, near Montreal Quebec
Web site
In the end they turned out to be rather expensive (about $600 per side). But when I added up the $300-$400 per window cost for off the shelf solutions, and the likelyhood I would need two per side, plus a lot of fibreglass work to fit them I figured it was worth while.
Unfortunately I don't have any installed photographs at this time and the boat is on the hard and covered with tarps at the moment.  Maybe I'll get some first thing in the spring and see if I can get them posted.