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  Compass repair (Richard A)
Posted: 3:02:26 pm on 2/1/2013 Modified: 3:02:10 pm on 2/4/2013
Does anyone know where I can get my compass repaired?  I have a Gemini bulkhead-mount compass, and the globe or oil has become so cloudy that it is almost unreadable.  Has anyone had any experience in having these repaired?  As an alternative, does anyone have recommendations for a drop-in relacement for the Gemini?


[This is one of the reasons I ask for location information in your profile or signature - where to get things fixed depends a lot on where you are. That said - as I've said in <>, Google is your friend (until they become evil or until you're into really 27-specific territory). Google "Gemini compass repair" and away you go. - Admin]
  Re: Compass repair (Steve Reid)
Posted: 10:26:27 pm on 2/1/2013 Modified: Never
Not sure where you are located, so it's difficult to recommend where you can go to get the compass repaired.
But given that most new compasses cost around $175.00 to $200.00 it's probably not worth repairing it.
Last time I got a compass repaired it was some guy who had a little hole in the wall shop up around York University on Keele St in Toronto. Last time I went to find him he was gone, business closed, probably because his minimum was $80.00 plus parts most people just decided to get a new instrument.
Why not measure the size of the hole in your bulkhead and find a suitable replacement?

Steve Reid
Still Knot Working,MkV #75
  Re: Compass repair (clanning)
Posted: 9:42:43 pm on 2/4/2013 Modified: Never
Mine gets opaque.  I don't have a cover so the plastic takes the brunt of the UV over the summer.

Polishing compound and a drill-mounted polishing wheel gets me through another summer.

Chuck Lanning
NSC, Ottawa
  Re: Compass repair (sony2000)
Posted: 1:34:00 pm on 2/7/2013 Modified: Never
I'm interested in buying your old compass to fill one the holes in my bulkhead, the I'll try to improve it.