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  Bulb keel (CRouse)
Posted: 11:22:56 am on 2/11/2013 Modified: Never
I have a C&C 27, MArk V; but I would like to move up to a C&C 30 - few more amenities as I am growing older.  The 1988 C&C 30 I am looking at has a bulb keel.  Can anyone tell me how that will affect the boat's performance?  I know it will not point as high as a deep keel boat, but how much is 'not as high'?  Are there any other drawbacks?  If I decide to purchase the boat this year, I will list Gemini (1984 C&C, Mark V) on the forum for $12,000 - and it is in excellent condition.  See

Charlie Rouse    
  Re: Bulb keel (diva27)
Posted: 1:53:50 pm on 2/12/2013 Modified: Never
I was just talking the other day with someone who had his C&C 35 custom-converted from a fin to a bulb keel to reduce draft. He thought the boat actually pointed better. The one significant performance difference he noticed is that the boat tends to roll more downwind, even though the CG is essentially the same. The issue seems to be that the fin keel's surface area had a damping effect that discouraged rolling, compared to the shoal with bulb.

Doug Hunter
C&C 27 Mk1
Midland Bay Sailing Club