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  Core Moisture from Leaking Genoa Tracks (whippet)
Posted: 10:04:31 pm on 3/16/2013 Modified: Never
Hi.   I have been through David W's thoughtful piece in Black Arts on Genoa Track replacement and repacking balsa core w epoxy around hardware fasteners.

Problem that I have is much more extensive moisture and balsa decay.

Approach taken so far is to cut a series of rectangles (about 4 inches long by 1/2 in. wide) in the deck under where the G-track is to be re-bedded.     Through these rectangles, and a variety of adhoc tools, i have been able to dig out old, wet, decayed balsa, in some cases leading me to excavate 4 inches or more from the track location.

I will spend more more hours digging, and eventually plan to refill deck cavities with epoxy (i feel like a dentist dealing with some really bad teeth).

Questions for you are:
1) Is this approach "good enough"?   I assume after refilling core, epoxy mixture will certainly be lots stronger than rotten balsa (or air).  The C&C wont be used for high stress racing, but don't want G-track to go flapping in 15 knots of wind on weekend cruise.  Cosmetics are not high priority.
2) Fishing through the rectangles to extract old balsa is not perfect.    What is risk of leaving some wet/decayed balsa some inches from G-tracks.   I assume highest forces will be near G-tracks, not inches away.

Thanks Gents

TS&CC, 1981 MkIII, Hull 886
Toronto ON

  Re: Core Moisture from Leaking Genoa Tracks (Anna69)
Posted: 11:48:15 pm on 3/25/2013 Modified: Never
Hi Steve,

I am just completing a winter project of removing wet core from various areas on my 1976 mark III 27ft. I found that when you think it's just a small wet area it turns out to be much more. The best tool I found to remove the Fibreglass and to cut out the wet balsa is a vibrating multi-craft tool by $35 I have spent. Keep cutting back and remove all the wet will be worth it when you're done.

Good luck
  Re: Core Moisture from Leaking Genoa Tracks (admin)
Posted: 8:28:36 pm on 3/26/2013 Modified: Never
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- Admin

  Re: Core Moisture from Leaking Genoa Tracks (whippet)
Posted: 9:24:27 pm on 3/26/2013 Modified: Never
Thanks Russ

My intent is to take the lazy way out, at least for this year, since I have limited winterizing time available.   I'm trying to keep cuts to area under Genoa tracks, and thus opening up a series of “rectangles”  and then digging as far back as possible with ad hoc digging tools.
Despite wet core, there is no sign of de-lamination -- although some hairline shallow spider web cracks on surface.
Question i'm pondering if dig and fill is “strong enough”? I can dig out at least 3 inches or so away from G-tracks in bad spots.     Have to believe that it will be stronger than last few seasons.
Thanks again

TS&CC, 1981 MkIII, Hull 886
Toronto ON