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  roller furling (EdRoberts)
Posted: 5:40:24 pm on 4/3/2013 Modified: Never
I am a new delighted Mark iv owner. The boat i am purchasing does not have a roller furling and sails are older but in good cruising shape. I am interested in purchasing both in good to excellent condition.
Ed 941 383 1547

Ed Roberts
Antigonish NS

  Re: roller furling (doogymon)
Posted: 8:33:46 pm on 4/7/2013 Modified: 3:49:12 pm on 4/8/2013
Hi Ed

Will you be selling your old headsails?

  Re: roller furling (EdRoberts)
Posted: 12:28:11 pm on 4/11/2013 Modified: Never

A bird in the hand.....
Until I have replacement, no

Thanks Ed

Ed Roberts
Antigonish NS

  Re: roller furling (doogymon)
Posted: 5:56:50 pm on 4/11/2013 Modified: Never
May need a genoa (with hanks).


  Re: roller furling (surfj24)
Posted: 10:49:42 pm on 8/14/2013 Modified: Never
I may have an older 150% genoa with hanks for my Mark V.  I believe the luff is about 36'  If you are interested I will look it over and measure the luff and it's condition.  I've never taken it out of the bag bec. it had roller furling when I bought the boat.  I believe it's in better condition than the sail I have now, but I can't use the hanks.  I thought about taking the hanks off, but the bolt rope is too thick to go up the foil.  Let me know.

1985 Mark V hull #531
Milwaukee, WI.
  Re: roller furling (dmartis)
Posted: 11:25:23 pm on 10/21/2013 Modified: Never
Ed - I've got an older 170% hank-on light air genoa if you're interested. Fit a Mark 3, so it should fit your Mark 4 also.
Dan Martis
Dream Catcher
Oakville, Ontario
Mark 3, Hull #636