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  Help locating California 27 (admin)
Posted: 9:09:05 pm on 4/23/2013 Modified: Never
A former owner sent us this query.

"I owned a C&C 27' that I sold when I was transferred to China some years back.  I am trying to find the HIN for this boat as I need it to document my sailing time on this boat for the US Coast Guard for my Captains license.
The history of the bought is as follows:
Bought the boat new around 1984-1985 in New Jersey
Sold the boat to Stoey and DiLascio around 1987-1988 (in New Jersey)
They moved it to California
Eventually sold it in California
They too discarded the boat's info, including HIN or local registration #s.
If anyone has any information on this boat I would greatly appreciate it.


Victor Luaces
vluaces [at] (replace spaces and [at])

I have advised him that if he bought the boat new and can narrow the variables down a bit, the info should be available from the build history purchased from South Shore Yachts.

- Admin