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  Mark 3 Shaft Size and Cutlass Repair (whippet)
Posted: 5:43:33 pm on 5/1/2013 Modified: Never

Springtime surprise after C&C27 long winter nap.  Squealing coming from Cutlass bearing (I think).   Although it does seem to stop when rpms come up.    

List of other projects is too long to take this on just now -- so having mechanic coming to take a look -- but he wants to know shaft size in advance.   I am away from boat for a few days -- so wonder if shaft size is standard with 1980 vintage with Atomic 4.

BTW, anyone out there have favorite Toronto area mechanic?  Called James Kudoo for this one.

TS&CC, 1981 MkIII, Hull 886
Toronto ON

  Re: Mark 3 Shaft Size and Cutlass Repair (bosco)
Posted: 8:10:45 pm on 5/2/2013 Modified: Never
Hi Steve, you don't say whether your boat is in or out of water. I assume it's out of the water because you say you can hear the bearing squealing. If the boat was in the water I doubt you would hear it.
The  Cutlas Bearing is lubricated by the water which runs between the shaft and bearing itself---It is not intended to run dry. Dry friction would cause it to squeal.

Clare Jordan. Aragorn