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  mkV head backflow issue (stargazer)
Posted: 4:27:02 pm on 5/12/2013 Modified: Never
have been dealing with a temper mental head in my 86 MKV

back flow into bowl is a common occurance

this week I replaced the Joker valve and the base flapper seal

still back flow after app 16 hr period

thought the tank wasn't full, but after checking through the top access, it was

regardless of the tank being full, I have a brand new joker and a brand new flapper, 2 days old!

Certainly I shouldn't be experiencing backflow, or ??

no traps or loops in the discharge hose

any suggestions?

I'm tired of playing Mr Plumber

Lawrence Katz
'86 MkV #132
                                                                   Stargazer II
Fifty Point Marina

  Re: mkV head backflow issue (ALAN FORD)
Posted: 6:56:31 pm on 5/13/2013 Modified: Never
Lawrence,  It seems that Mark V toilets keep coming up.......  so go to 'search' and  then to 'toilet leak' as the subject and you will find all sorts of wisdom and frustration for your evening's entertainment.

Alan of SMOKE 1984 Mk V 002

  Re: mkV head backflow issue (stargazer)
Posted: 7:12:44 pm on 5/13/2013 Modified: Never

thanks for the reply

think I've got it figured out, for now... Lol

no back flow since yesterday, think I may have had a blockage in the Joker valve, poo not all the way through syndrome

was looking in the owners manual today and am a little shocked with the stated holding tank capacity for the 27, only 5 gallons! although this spec is in reference to a self contained toilet, to me best  understanding, this is not a self contained toilet

I've been quite bothered by the manuals poor details in many of the vessels systems when referencing a MkV

the tanks seems larger than 5 gallons, but hard to tell for me. If so, this is quite useless for any on or off shore cruising, pump out costs are not cheap!

as per your suggestion, I will perform some searches here as well will make a call to Rob at South Shore Yachts on the holding tank capacity  

for now, I need another pump out!

Lawrence Katz
'86 MkV #132
                                                                   Stargazer II
Fifty Point Marina