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  mast rotation (ptvncnt)
Posted: 1:34:57 pm on 5/29/2013 Modified: 11:14:17 am on 5/29/2013

I just had my mast re stepped over the weekend on a 1976 markIII. On close inspection I noticed that it was rotated on the mast plate. it is noticeable from head on. I was wondering if it is acceptable or should the rigger have been more careful and is it an easy fix for him. I would appreciate some input


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  Re: mast rotation (bosco)
Posted: 7:07:47 pm on 5/29/2013 Modified: Never
Hi PV.

Now that your shrouds have been tightened, the mast cannot be turned on the step. Your rigger will have to loosen the rig to turn the mast. Before you do that though, take a tape measure and check the horizontal  distance from the inside of each upper shroud to the edge of the mast step plate. On my Mk 111 , I found that the plate was not centered between the upper chainplates/shrouds. (Assembled on a Monday??)
 To be centered in the rig, my mast has to be almost touching the starboard side of the step. (I now have a "spacer" block for the port side to remind me each Spring.)
 With the shrouds, for-stay and back-stay loosened, the mast should  then be able to be pried/pushed into the right spot.

Clare Jordan. Aragorn
  Re: mast rotation (ptvncnt)
Posted: 12:58:39 pm on 5/29/2013 Modified: Never
thanks for the info

its a relief to know that the mast can be rotated without taking it down.