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  Loos Rig Gauge (c&c27dyc)
Posted: 4:51:41 pm on 6/4/2013 Modified: Never
Has anyone used the Loos Rig Gauge for their shrouds? If so, do you recommend 35 for the upper, 33 for the lower forward and 30 for the lower aft? Cheers, Dean

Dean M Baldwin
Morgan "D"
Mark III - Hull 516
North Sydney, N.S.

  Re: Loos Rig Gauge (sony2000)
Posted: 9:27:36 pm on 6/6/2013 Modified: Never
On my C&C 29 I achieved 15% on the back stay, and have only gone to 10% on the sides. Heavier winds will show if I need more on the sides.
  Re: Loos Rig Gauge (ALAN FORD)
Posted: 10:10:27 pm on 6/10/2013 Modified: Never
Dean, I use my Loos gauge on SMOKE, but she is a Mk V, so perhaps not so relevant to your Mk III. I go to 34 on both uppers and lowers, with the intermediates just hand tight.

Alan of SMOKE 1984 Mk V 002