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question Holding Tank Replacement (ciaran)
Posted: 2:11:55 pm on 6/11/2013 Modified: 9:47:11 pm on 6/14/2013

I have a 1972 C&C 27 Mark 1.

The holding tank is leaking. It looks impossible to remove without ripping out cabinetry.

It is vertical and located directly behind the head.

Anyone familiar?

Ciaran Ganley
"Barco de Vela"
Scarborough, Ont.
  Re: Holding Tank Replacement (KenPole)
Posted: 7:34:22 pm on 6/11/2013 Modified: Never
Use the search option on the line below the welcome message to find "holding tank". There is useful advice on how to do it.

Ken Pole, Ottawa
1975 Mark III Santiva

  Re: Holding Tank Replacement (ciaran)
Posted: 5:05:06 pm on 6/24/2013 Modified: Never
Thank you.

I have found it to be very helpful.


Ciaran Ganley

  Re: Holding Tank Replacement (syllap)
Posted: 8:15:32 pm on 6/29/2013 Modified: Never
 You can also make your own, not that complicated to do with plywood and epoxy. If you had a proto tank you can re-use the original fitings ( I chose not to setup the recycle fittings ). I made mine more than 12 years ago and still no leaks/smell.

Sylvain Laplante
La Belle Poule1975 C&C27 MkIII  ( Hull 475 )

  Re: Holding Tank Replacement (davidww1)
Posted: 12:59:26 pm on 7/2/2013 Modified: 1:04:06 pm on 7/2/2013
Sylvain's tank reminds me of one a friend fabricated out of an old cardboard box and masking tape, which were free/cheap and easy to work with. He coated this with wax. Then covered the cardboard model with glass and epoxy (to make it odourproof) and installed it. The contents of the tank gradually broke down the cardboard and it came out with successive pumpouts. This gave him maximum volume for the small space.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV