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  Free sails (bosco)
Posted: 9:41:44 pm on 7/8/2013 Modified: Never
I will give away a #3 sail (North Sails). It was replaced in my racing inventory by a newer sail. The sail is for a Mk 111 and has a #6 luff tape. Still sound ( no tears/repairs). It no longer has a good racing shape ---but is OK for cruising.
Also have an old working jib that someone might use. #6 luff tape.

For either or both of these, send me "bus fare" for the sails and they're yours.

Clare Jordan. Aragorn
Ingleside Ont.  
bosco at bell dot net
  Re: Free sails (Jeff)
Posted: 7:22:26 pm on 7/9/2013 Modified: Never
I would imagine that the hoist is a bit long for my Mk1, but what is the   luff length?

C&C 27 Mk I #4
Port Stanley, On.
  Re: Free sails (KenPole)
Posted: 9:39:00 pm on 7/9/2013 Modified: 9:42:29 pm on 7/9/2013
Hi Clare. Happy to take them off your hands if they're still available. How much bus fare is involved. Regards.

Ken Pole, Ottawa
1975 Mark III Santiva

  Re: Free sails (bosco)
Posted: 9:43:06 pm on 7/10/2013 Modified: Never
Good morning Jeff,
The  better sail, the number three, has been promised to a guy in Montréal. The older Jib is definitely too long in the luff for your boat and it wouldn't be worth spending any money trying to re-cut it .

  Re: Free sails (bosco)
Posted: 9:49:00 pm on 7/10/2013 Modified: Never
Hi Ken,
The number three sail is gone to Montréal and the older jib is yours for the bus fare---I will call you Friday.
  Re: Free sails (KenPole)
Posted: 10:12:21 am on 7/10/2013 Modified: Never
Roger Friday. Mobile is best: 613.282.7270.

Ken Pole, Ottawa
1975 Mark III Santiva