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  MkV storm jib (MarkD)
Posted: 5:23:27 pm on 8/7/2013 Modified: Never
I am looking for a 90% or similar size jib for our MK5

Mark Doucette
St Margaret's Bay
Nova Scotia

  Re: MkV storm jib (Brian Lagerquist)
Posted: 7:01:09 pm on 10/24/2013 Modified: Never
I have a storm jib that has never been used. It has a luff tape.
Interested contact me and I will dig it out of the loft in the garage.

Engine installed works great see Black Arts. New Engine for Redeeded. The following is the original post........I have a C&C27 Mark V which was brought up from Maryland. I believe the Yanmar 1GM10 was exposed to salt water. The engine is very noisy, vibrates more than I like (have folding prop and know when it is open fully) and to me is not very environmentally friendly. I have just purchase a Beta Marine BZ482 (13.9HP) which is built in England. The engine is about the same size and weights a little less. Question: Does anyone have any experience with re-powering their boat. If so, would you be willing to share your experience with me.

Brian - BYC - "Redeemed" 1985 Mark V

  Re: MkV storm jib (MarkD)
Posted: 12:26:27 pm on 10/25/2013 Modified: Never
Sure.  What do you want for it?  

Regarding your question about repowering with a Beta.  I have a friend who also sails a MKV and he repowered from the Yanmar to the Beta.  I believe he did most of the work himself.  He is very pleased with the results.
I can put you in touch with him if you like.


Mark Doucette
St Margaret's Bay
Nova Scotia