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  New member with questions. (bmiller)
Posted: 2:19:41 pm on 10/16/2013 Modified: Never
Hello all,

I am looking for my next boat and am considering a C&C27 III on a trailer. I have not actually been on one yet and would like to see one. I live in central Colorado and was wondering if anyone knows of a boat relatively close?

Also, how much storage is inside the boat, and in the cockpit? What are the tank capacities? What is engine access like?

My wife and I previously owned a ComPac 27 that we trailered all  over the place. A C&C27 will sail circles around the ComPac but how do you think they compare in creature comforts?

Any other thoughts on the boat are welcome.

Thanks in advance,

Bill Miller,
Buena Vista, CO

  Re: New member with questions. (whippet)
Posted: 5:29:44 pm on 10/16/2013 Modified: Never
Hi   Check the air fares to Toronto.    Our club has many for you to gaze upon -- and happy for you to tour Whippet.  

1981 MkIII, Hull 886
Etobicoke YC, Toronto ON

  Re: New member with questions. (admin)
Posted: 6:38:28 pm on 10/16/2013 Modified: Never
Generous offer, but with all Lakes boats coming out of the water in the next two weeks, coupled with the criminal difference between cross-border airfares vs. inside-US airfares, not to mention the need for a passport, don't you think he might be well advised to wait for an offer from say, Louisiana or Florida?

C'mon, American cousins - who's up for a little show-&-tell?

- Admin

  Re: New member with questions. (Tonyj)
Posted: 11:14:01 am on 10/17/2013 Modified: Never
Hi Bill:
How about San Diego?  We're in the water year 'round here.  You're welcome to come over and check out my MkV.  I realize it's not the Mark you're considering, but I think it'd be close enough to answer your concerns.  

Tony Jeske
MkV #581
  Re: New member with questions. (admin)
Posted: 9:58:39 pm on 10/17/2013 Modified: Never
Sorry, but I have to disagree; they are very different boats, with about fifteen years and two major design rule shifts between their respective designs. Seeing a Mk V will tell you nothing about a Mark I to IV.

That said, if I wanted to trailer a boat in this range, the Mk V would be far ahead of the I to III on my interest list - lighter and with a smaller rig yet just as lively.

- Admin

  Re: New member with questions. (whippet)
Posted: 9:50:29 pm on 10/20/2013 Modified: Never
Well, save the airfare, and just get a good surveyer.    All on this forum are convinced C&C is amazing design, and you cant go wrong, except for all the stuff a good surveyer can find with the passing of 30 years.

1981 MkIII, Hull 886
Etobicoke YC, Toronto ON

  Re: New member with questions. (YellowJacket)
Posted: 10:05:02 pm on 10/22/2013 Modified: Never
Hi Bill,
I know nothing about the compact 27 so I'll limit this to what the C&C 27 MKIII has.

Tankage for the 1974 and 1975 MKIII are the same except the fuel tank in 74 was monel steel long round tube shape and in 75 it switched to rectangular shape.
Fuel 20 gallons
water 25 gallons
waste 15 gallons recirculating tank Think airplane style blue flush water coming from the waste tank.
THe rest of the sizes are my best guesses.
V-berth short end about 16 inches length about 6'4" slopes slightly to the read depends on your cushions.
Port side double berth about 6'4"x4' also a 4place table for nav. or eating.
Starboard couch about 20"by 6'6"
Headroom 6" until you pass through to the head then duck because its only about5'7"
Double cockpit hatches with lots of room for 4 bodies if you fold them up :-)A lot less if you add A/C and refrigeration.
Inside the cabin you have counter top storage for 4 place settings behind the stove and a couple bottles. However if you are cooking the lid of the two burner alcohol stove prevents acsess to 2/3s of this space. Get you plates out first.
Below stove is a deep drawer that holds lots of misc. stuff. Below that is a cupboard drawer that holds holds a lot of stuff but it is sloped by the hull.

Under the companion way to the starboard side is the sink it holds about 1 gallon of water in a calm sea. beneath the sink there is a cupboard divided by a shelf to the port of the sink is a countertop 12x30? Beneath that are where the batteries go.

on the port side aft there is a large (25 gal.?) cooler space that is not insulated are far as I can tell. Behind the lid for the cooler there is a space for lots of paper towels, cleaning supplies etc.

Under the port seats you have two (fore and aft) storage areas that will hod at least 2 cases of beer each. but the drain into the bigle so heeled to port with a full bilge the will get soaked with bilge water, keep an eye on your bilge level. Above the table level on the port side check out the black arts on how much space there is.

To starboard the settee has 3 compartments. The center does not drain or undrain the bilge, the fore and aft ends do.

The you come to the head area. To port there is the head with sliding panels above the head, enough space to hold lot of toiletries. Below the sink is a cupboard shaped by the hull contour. To starboard there is a hanging locker that can hold about 6 foul weather suits (light weight) and 6 life preservers.

Forward in the V-berth there are 3 hatches that hold about 10 gallons each below the cushions. There are full length selves on either side. At the tip or prow of the boat there is an open space that you can block off to store 200+ feet of 1/2 anchor line.

Now that all said, I don't think of a MKIII as trailer boat. The weight of an empty boat is about 5600 lbs. add supplies and trailer you might be close to 8,000 lbs.
Raising the mast and tuning it is not a 2 mad 1/2 hour job.
The draft of 4',6" empty could be a problem too.

Hope this helps.

  Re: New member with questions. (bmiller)
Posted: 8:42:43 pm on 10/23/2013 Modified: Never
Thanks for that, good info.

Bill Miller,
Buena Vista, CO