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  Stanchion Base Plates - Bulk Order (Hugh Morrin)
Posted: 9:17:13 pm on 11/8/2013 Modified: 4:42:18 pm on 11/11/2013
About a dozen Ottawa area C&C 27s have participated in a bulk order for aluminum stanchion base plates. After years of loads on the stanchions, many boats develop gelcoat cracks underneath the stanchion bases, and in some cases this can puncture through the fibreglass, as shown at . Our solution was to install aluminum plates under the stanchion bases, as shown at . This is a very common mod to C&C 27s. The plates are made per the sketch posted at, and are suitable for the later model Mark 3s and Mark 4s that have the stanchion bases mounted to the toe rails. The larger plate shown in the sketch goes under the stanchion inboard of the toe rail; the smaller plate is just used as a spacer on the outside of the toe rail.

If anyone else is interested in ordering some of these plates, they may wish to contact Kevin Sheldrick at Precise Metafab, 613-831-1919. While supplies last, Kevin is selling these for $9.00 / set, plus HST and shipping via Canada Post. One “set” of plates is required for each stanchion. Six sets (the minimum order) are required for the three free standing stanchions on each side; if you want to do under the bow and stern pulpits that mount to the rail, you’ll need 12 sets. (We did under the free-standing stanchions at the beginning of 2012, but have decided to do under the pulpits before launching next year.) Refer to drawing HM-291013, which is the above referenced sketch.

Also, for anyone who has an older C&C 27 with deck mounted stanchions, another Ottawa area sailor has ordered 4” x 6” plates, 1/8” thick, with ˝” radius on all four corners, for mounting under those stanchions. Such plates do not come pre-drilled, as the required hole location may vary from boat to boat. Such plates should also be available from Precise Metafab for the same price ($9.00 / plate; one plate per stanchion), based on a $50 minimum order. These plates might also be used, if necessary, for mounting underneath the aft-most stern pulpit supports, which do not mount to the rail. Refer to drawing HM-101113.

When installing our the plates under our rail mounted stanchions, we used a little 4200 sealant/adhesive under the plate, and anchored the plate with two #8 x 1” roundhead stainless steel screws, as shown in the above referenced photo. The deck is not cored in this area. On the underside, you’ll want to use large fender washers or small sections of aluminum plate to distribute the load underneath the stanchion bolts, though on our Mark 3, the washers and backing plates that were previously (originally?) installed were generally adequate.

Hugh Morrin
Blue Zulu
C&C 27 Mk III, #894
Nepean Sailing Club