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  Race the Cape 2014 (c&c27dyc)
Posted: 8:49:22 pm on 11/13/2013 Modified: 11:12:55 am on 11/13/2013
This is not meant to be a re-post, just an updated header (Subject)for the post I had submitted previously on/for Race the Cape 2014.

See article in November/December issue of Sailing World.

Dean M Baldwin
Morgan "D"
Mark III - Hull 516
North Sydney, N.S.

Note that as the initiator of the preceding thread on this series, you can go back to the original post, click the "Edit" button and change the name of that thread to something more appropriate. Thank you. - Admin
  Re: Race the Cape 2014 (EdRoberts)
Posted: 7:47:14 pm on 12/10/2013 Modified: Never
I am a new owner of a C&C 27 Mk iv sailing out of Antigonish. Had the great fortune of sailing RACE THE CAPE on LIFE OF REILLY with Peter & Marge this past summer. What a blast! I would recommend this event to all varieties of sailors.

Ed Roberts
Antigonish NS