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question My rudder rotates 360'. (PeterC)
Posted: 3:04:27 pm on 12/21/2013 Modified: Never
  I'm slowly getting my MK2 fixed up. I just got a new shaft and prop fitted for the electric motor I intent to install.I have realized that my rudder can rotate 360' when the tiller is raised, and would hit the prop. Is there a standard restraint system that should be fitted?


Peter Connolly
Santa Cruz, Ca.
C&C 27 Mk 2

  Re: My rudder rotates 360'. (Katara)
Posted: 9:22:15 pm on 12/22/2013 Modified: Never
I think thats the design so the boat could do a 360 with in it's own length . thats also one the biggest changes made to the mk 3.

Gerard Warner
Katara, '79 Mk III
Bronte, ON

  Re: My rudder rotates 360'. (bosco)
Posted: 9:32:37 pm on 12/22/2013 Modified: Never
Hi Peter, and Merry Christmas, from snowy, cold Canada

Don't know about the Mk II but my Mk III has a casting bolted to the front of the rudder post and this casting sits in a " notch" in the base plate of the rudder assembly through which the rudder post passes . The notch limits the rudder rotation to about 35 degrees off the centre line in either direction. Perhaps you're missing this casting ---Look for a couple of tapped holes in the front of your rudder post where the casting should bolt on.
Clare  Jordan Aragorn
  Re: My rudder rotates 360'. (PeterC)
Posted: 9:34:00 pm on 12/23/2013 Modified: Never
 Thanks Gentlemen,
        It looks like I have a little engineering job to do. That swept back rudder when in reverse can whip the tiller out of your hand. Not a pleasant picture with my new prop. There is a casting on the front of the post, seems to be only to rest the tiller on, maybe a stopper key could be bolted to it and some kind of plate with a stopper fitted below it ...............?

PS; Just a sunny 65'F in Santa Cruz today..... but as I am Irish and have lived in Germany for years, I have had my share of rain and sleet and snow.

Peter Connolly
Santa Cruz, Ca.
C&C 27 Mk 2