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  Cutless Bearing (Van_Isle)
Posted: 8:34:37 pm on 2/12/2014 Modified: Never
What is the size of the cutless bearing installed on the 27's? 7/8th shaft and what OD?

Mine is a 79 Mk III ...

For the spring haulout it is planned to do the stuffing box (new PSS dripless seal going in) new engine coupling (Moyer split coupling on order), the cutless bearing and maybe a new prop.  Boat's in the water right now so I can't check the bearing for size.

North Saanich, B.C.

  Re: Cutless Bearing (Katara)
Posted: 3:15:52 pm on 2/24/2014 Modified: Never
I have a 1979 Mk 3 and used this bearing

that being said do i have the same skeg as you do?

Gerard Warner
Katara, '79 Mk III
Bronte, ON