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  Heaving to (PaulB)
Posted: 8:22:10 pm on 2/13/2014 Modified: Never
I find my MkII very difficult to get to heave to nicely, seems that in any sort of wind, the bow gets blown off and you end up with the wind coming over the rear quarter with the boat heeling over a fair amount.  Kind of "reverse hove-to" if you like.
Other than rolling in the foresail to a tiny hanky sized triangle, any other tips on this model?  I suspect that's the answer as the rudder is pretty small.

Paul Baker
Sidney, BC
1974 Mk II

  Re: Heaving to (davidww1)
Posted: 10:14:31 am on 2/21/2014 Modified: Never
Yachting World has made a series of videos on heavy-weather sailing with Antarctic expedition skipper Skip Novak. It includes heaving to and may help clarify your thinking. Well worth watching.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: Heaving to (wrapper)
Posted: 9:08:02 pm on 3/31/2014 Modified: Never
My MKII heaves to very easily and quite naturally.

C&C 27 Hull 518

  Re: Heaving to (bosco)
Posted: 10:05:56 am on 3/31/2014 Modified: Never
Allan and others,
 I have used this technique a few times when single-handing when I need to leave the tiller. I've  not used it with a #1head-sail and I find it works best with a #3 . I've never thought to actually measure the speed and direction with my GPS but it would seem to be about .5 knots forward and about the same to leeward in 12 knot winds.You can go below, have a pee, make a sandwich, grab a beer and lose very little time/distance!
Clare Jordan Aragorn