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  Clevis Pin (Jackkorno)
Posted: 10:05:56 am on 4/1/2014 Modified: Never
HELP, I just got a C&C 27 When looking at Forestay the Clevis Pin Holding Forestay to deck is all rusted. Anyone know the size of the Original Clevis Pin. And where I can buy a new one in Stainless. ?

Jack St Catharines

Bjarke Jack Korno
St Catharines, Ontario

  Re: Clevis Pin (syllap)
Posted: 6:20:04 pm on 4/3/2014 Modified: Never
On my 1975 MkIII it is 7/16 with a 7/16 turnbuckle. Backstay and shrouds are all 3/8.
Make sure you buy quality ( Wichard are the best ).
A good thing is when you install a furler the Harken MkIV unit 0 can use either a 3/8 or 7/16.

Sylvain Laplante
La Belle Poule C&C27 MkIII

  Re: Clevis Pin (Katara)
Posted: 7:20:00 pm on 4/3/2014 Modified: Never
From St. Catharines I think either Brewer's Or Dowsar's in Hamilton would be the closest .
Leo at Brewer's is very knowledgeable when it comes to C&C rigging . Martin at Dowsar's is very good as well. I would take the Bottlescrew in with me to match up , on 30 plus year old boat how many times has the rigging been changed are the turnbuckles original ?

Gerard Warner
Katara, '79 Mk III
Bronte, ON

  Re: Clevis Pin (Bill Salton)
Posted: 9:13:53 pm on 4/14/2014 Modified: Never
Hi, try South Shore Yachts in Virgil. Rob has all that stuff, and is very good with all things rigging.
  Re: Clevis Pin (Van_Isle)
Posted: 10:58:51 pm on 5/12/2014 Modified: Never
Those cheap plastic measurement calipers are a great tool for confirming these sorts of things ... pick a set up for the onboard toolbox.

North Saanich, B.C.