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  Boomkicker rigid vang (Tonyj)
Posted: 10:56:30 am on 5/23/2014 Modified: Never
I'm considering adding a Boomkicker rigid vang to my MkV.  Does anyone have any experience with these?  I'd appreciate your input.
Tony Jeske
San Diego
  Re: Boomkicker rigid vang (davidww1)
Posted: 8:13:40 pm on 5/23/2014 Modified: Never
Had one since '07. Simple, reliable, well made, no maintenance, no squeaking as in spring-loaded gangs. Fit it and forget it.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: Boomkicker rigid vang (bosco)
Posted: 6:31:53 pm on 5/24/2014 Modified: Never
Hi Tony,
I've had a boomkicker on my Mk. III now for about 10 years and use a 5:1 purchase vang with it. The Boomkicker certainly improves light air sail shape when the weight of the boom and the sail would otherwise destroy the shape of the main. Also sail chafe from the flopping topping lift is gone! Disadvantage; virtually no support for the crew when we drop and furl the main. --But thet got used to it.
  If you Google " Vang vs. Boomkicker" you will find some good discussions to further help you in your decision.
Clare Jordan Aragorn
  Re: Boomkicker rigid vang (syllap)
Posted: 8:43:21 pm on 5/26/2014 Modified: Never
Just FYI .. Garhauer has a 20% discount on their rigid vangs ( , model RV18-1 or RV-6 ), I am still thinking about the benefits of a kicker vs rigid. One advantage for a rigid is that you don't have to have a 4:1 boom vang besides.

Sylvain Laplante
La Belle Poule C&C27 MkIII