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  For Sale - 1972 C & C 27 Mk I (admin)
Posted: 4:05:50 pm on 5/26/2014 Modified: Never
“Infinite Roses” of Falmouth, Maine.  1972 C & C 27 Mk I.  Beautiful boat, lovingly owned, sailed (and expensively!) rebuilt from the keel up between 1991 and 1998.
Owner (me/Richard) moved overseas (Greece and Saudi Arabia) in 2002 and sold boat to good friend (Eddie), who also loved/sailed boat.  Eddie started boat-building company South U.S. with plans to use “Infinite Roses” in summers after business got off the ground.  Business failed and boat was never used again. L
So a lot of great boat gear is available, and it’s going cheap, because Eddie can’t come up from South, and I’m only in States and available (son’s graduation J) for one of the days of the week of June 2nd.
So if you need boat stuff there are some great buys—and especially if you’ve got a C&C 27 you want to update.  All gear is top of the line, overbought/made, has been stored/lofted indoors in heated storage.
The ‘catch’ is that I really have only a short week (and really only one day) to meet with you and sell it.  (The upside is, that we’ve priced everything to “move” on that day!)
All gear is at Uncle Bob’s Storage (formerly Access Storage) on Foden Road in South Portland, Maine, where we’ll plan to meet so you can see it and choose.  Please contact me early so we can make arrangements convenient to both your and my (brief!) schedule.  You can contact me (Richard Harriman) as follows:
·         Email: and  (use both if you want to know you’re reaching me regardless of work hours/days.)
·         Overseas Phones (until 28 May, when we’re arriving in Boston:
o    +966 (13) 875-1614 (Home)
o    +966 (13) 872-9118 (Office)
o    +966 (56) 919-9246 (Mobile)
·         From 28 May to 6 June use my U.S. mobile number:  (207) 513-013390
Here’s a list of the major things, and then there’s a bunch of little stuff (life jackets, interior gear, etc.):
General Gear:
·         Puffin 7.6 foot dinghy, purchased 1999.  Used two seasons, and stored indoors since.  Perfect condition.  New $1,200.  Asking $650.
·         Standard Horizon VHF, New $250.  Asking $50
·         Raytheon GPS, Autohelm ST4000 tiller autopilot, New $2,000.  Asking $400.
·         25 lbs CQR Anchor, with 125’ of chain and 250’ feet of rode.  New, $1,000.  Asking $400
·         10 lbs Fortress anchor with 25’ chain and 150’ rode. New, $200.  Asking $75
·         10 lbs Danforth anchor with 25’ chain and 150’ rode. New, $150.  Asking $50
·         Full set of running rigging from Yale Cordage, Portland, Maine.  New in ’99, used only 2 seasons, annually cleaned and properly stored.  Includes spare halyards, sheets and docklines.  $900 new.  Asking $300
·         Tons of other safety gear.
·         Tons of cruising gear.
·         Total for all of above: $1,925.  Grab it all and we’ll sell the package for $1,200

C&C 27-specific gear:
·         Sails, also new in 1996, and professionally cleaned, maintained and lofted every year since.  Fully battened 3-reef main; 150% genny.  New at $1,800/$3,600 both.  Selling for $900 each or $1,600 for both.  [All rigging, sails and dodger gear below made/built/installed/maintained at Bayview Rigging & Sails, Yarmouth.]
·         Custom Dodger, Frame and interior cushions.  $3,500 new.  Asking $8,00
·         Boom:  1994 custom extrusion from Metalmast of Connecticut.  Three reefs and 1 outhaul, all lines internal with lines on 6:1 blocks.  (Very slick, singled-handed reefing system.)  New at $2,000; asking $500.
·         Standing rigging.  All new in 1996, and all over-sized for offshore use/conditions.  $1500 new.  Asking $500.
·         Total for all of above: $3,600.  Will sell as package for $1,500

Please note that all responses should be directed straight to the seller's email or phone, not through the Forum. - Admin
  Re: For Sale - 1972 C & C 27 Mk I (syllap)
Posted: 7:58:32 pm on 5/27/2014 Modified: Never
I have a question that might be of general interest.. Does a MkI boom fit a MkIII mast? ( gooseneck specifically ), I understand a new bail would need to be installed. For the long term plan I have I find my current boom a bit weak, especially since I went with a loose footed main ( no outhaul on mine, just a small, 4 in. ss plate that binds.


Sylvain Laplante
La Belle Poule C&C27 MkIII

  Re: For Sale - 1972 C & C 27 Mk I (Jeff)
Posted: 9:14:03 pm on 5/28/2014 Modified: Never
The MK I boom should be a bit longer than the MK III and possibly could be set up for roller reefing. What are the width and height measurements of your boom and I can check mine. Possibly/probably the same tube?

C&C 27 Mk I #4
Port Stanley, On.
  Re: For Sale - 1972 C & C 27 Mk I (syllap)
Posted: 7:49:10 pm on 5/28/2014 Modified: Never
I will only be able to measure this week-end, but it is fairly slim, about 2 3/4 width and height of 3 1/4 , still original, with C&C black logo on it..

Sylvain Laplante
La Belle Poule C&C27 MkIII