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  Deck repairs , 1979 Mk lll (bosco)
Posted: 5:53:30 pm on 5/27/2014 Modified: 7:05:54 pm on 5/27/2014
    Aragorn, now in her 35th year, is showing a few "wrinkles ". The cosmetic surgery done on her hull by Wigger's Boat Yard in 1987 has stood up remarkably well. however, it's "Botox" time for her deck!  Once the wrinkles are filled, the plan is to paint  with a one-part Epoxy and to redo the non-skid portions of the deck with a product called "Kiwi Grip".
    The exterior teak rails have been sanded so many times, they are getting thin and should be replaced while we're at it but so far I haven't found new rails in the same configuration as the originals . Anyone have a Canadian source?

Clare Jordan,  Stormont Yacht Club, Long Sault Ont.
  Re: Deck repairs , 1979 Mk lll (syllap)
Posted: 8:03:39 pm on 5/28/2014 Modified: Never
   If you plan to do the "full" paint job ( I mean removing everything like I did ) I recommend using a 2-parts polyurethane paint, like Interlux Perfection, , it will last longer. Kiwi Grip is also the way I would go, looks much like the original C&C anti-skid. I did the mistake of re-doing my whole deck with gelcoat and it took me 2 years  :-)
For the handrails, I also did mistakes, first using jatoba ( it broke when it fell on a concrete ground, then Ipe ... It looks like teak but if you have the screws just a little too tight it splits.
I had a wood-worker/carpenter do mine and they look like the originals ( I have the long ones, which were an option I think ). If I was to do it again I would go with teak.
If possible have the base a little concave, it sits better and also holds the sealant/butyl better.
Hope this helps..

Sylvain Laplante
La Belle Poule C&C27 MkIII

  Re: Deck repairs , 1979 Mk lll (davidww1)
Posted: 12:46:13 pm on 5/29/2014 Modified: Never
With respect to handrails, if you want to duplicate the originals, I would ring Noah's in Toronto. They offer a house-standard handrail, but they do custom work, so if you were to send in your old rails, they could duplicate them (but tell them you'd like the dimensions increased by 1/16" all round to compensate for the sanding).

Taping and varnishing my handrails has always been the least-liked job on my boat (I don't mind varnishing the companion surround or coaming), so I have always said that if the wretched things ever have to come off again, they will be replaced with stainless steel. No varnishing and I won't cringe every time I see someone put his full weight on the middle of the unsupported portion. Klacko ( is an obvious choice for a fabricator, but this is probably something any good s/s shop could do, given a rail to copy functionally.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: Deck repairs , 1979 Mk lll (KenPole)
Posted: 5:25:28 pm on 5/29/2014 Modified: Never
Hi Clare. Check out plasteakdotcom. Finally fed up with sanding, varnishing etc., I ordered rails from them last year and am delighted with the results-- as is anyone who has seen them. To facilitate shipping, I opted to have two rails on each side: two loops forward and, I think, four loops aft. I sent them a detailed set of measurements and they fit to perfection. You can opt for two base thicknesses, the larger one providing for a much more stable and less fragile installation than the originals. Cost was about $300, including shipping, and I had them within two weeks. Can send pix later this week if you like.

Ken Pole, Ottawa
1975 Mark III Santiva

  Re: Deck repairs , 1979 Mk lll (bosco)
Posted: 3:34:17 pm on 5/30/2014 Modified: Never
 Thanks to those who have so far offered suggestions. One avenue I have already explored was to buy teak and have the handrails made locally. Well, the  teak itself came in at $266.00  so having someone add ~ $100 worth of work, put that option out of the picture. Ken Pole's idea costs $300 plus. Over my budget ! After all , I' m a sailor and a Canadian to boot so they don't come any cheaper ( kindly, more frugal) than me!

  What I may do is to move the interior rails ( almost pristine ) outside to serve as the aft portion of the exterior rails , put a small space between them and add some new short length rails in a short forward section  @ $50.00/pr. The old exterior rails , once shortened and refurbished can move inside ( out of sight) to serve as hand holds in the salon.
 Clare Jordan. Aragorn