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  Need main sail help (Jackkorno)
Posted: 1:24:19 pm on 5/30/2014 Modified: Never
Help I just purchased my first boat and main sail is to small I am looking for a main sail for my C&C 27 MK 2. 1974.  Used or even new at a good price please any help would be greatly appreciated.


Bjarke Jack Korno
St Catharines, Ontario

  Re: Need main sail help (ibanezplayer)
Posted: 2:06:19 pm on 6/6/2014 Modified: Never
Hi Jack,

I have two or three mainsails of various age in storage at a friends house which may work for you. You say the mainsail you have is too small for the boat, how did you determine this? Have you measured the luff of your sail? Do you still have the original MK 2 mast (35' overall, 29' I length)?

you can email me at;

ibanezplayer at gmail dot com is my email