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  Tinkering with The Fleet (admin)
Posted: 1:50:02 pm on 6/17/2014 Modified: Never
As I'm tinkering with The Fleet, I thought I might check if its entries are valid. There have to be some owners who have moved on - The Fleet is one of the oldest parts of the site, and I've only had one email telling me that the boat has been sold. I know we all love our boats, but...

So, if you are listed in The Fleet but have moved on or out, or if you know of a boat that's changed hands, please let me know.

- Admin

  Re: Tinkering with The Fleet (admin)
Posted: 3:01:19 pm on 6/23/2014 Modified: Never
Based on information received, I have removed Hyperion, Kats-Paw and Lark.

Thank you to those who provided information.

- Admin