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  Mk V Rudder (oasis)
Posted: 5:33:09 pm on 6/29/2014 Modified: Never
Any one know where I can find a Mk V rudder?  Mine broke in half today in high winds and big waves.  Found Phil's Foils on line in Ottawa - on line price is $2625 plus shipping. Don't know if that is current or if it is available etc.  I will call tomorrow.  Hoping to find a less costly solution.  Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Barry  Oasis 1987 Mk V
  Re: Mk V Rudder (Katara)
Posted: 8:07:04 pm on 6/30/2014 Modified: Never
Have you tried the boat wreckers and recycling yards?

Gerard Warner
Katara, '79 Mk III
D.Y.C.  Ontario

  Re: Mk V Rudder (oasis)
Posted: 10:04:26 am on 6/30/2014 Modified: Never
Not an option here in Saskatchewan. I have the only Mk V in the province.  If anyone has a line on such place in Ontario, please let me know.  Thanks.  Barry
  Re: Mk V Rudder (Katara)
Posted: 7:43:27 pm on 7/1/2014 Modified: Never
We have a couple small boat wrecking yards in Ontario , fairly new business couple of years now . In the states there is a some large yards east coast & west coast never hurts to make the inquiry . South shore yachts has a used one listed on their site but asking more money for it than a new one from Phils Foils maybe point that out to them and change his pricing thought process in your favour

Gerard Warner
Katara, '79 Mk III
D.Y.C.  Ontario

  Re: Mk V Rudder (oasis)
Posted: 10:02:13 am on 7/1/2014 Modified: Never
Thanks very much for the tips.  I will look into them.  

  Re: Mk V Rudder (Jeff)
Posted: 3:07:13 pm on 7/2/2014 Modified: Never
Keep in mind that Phil's rudders don't include the cost of the rudder shaft iirc. Please report back what you ended up doing and if South Shore's prices are negotiable. I ended up looking at their site and noticed they had a MK III rudder, something I'm looking for but can't justify the $$$$$ right now.


C&C 27 Mk I #4
Port Stanley, On.
  Re: Mk V Rudder (davidww1)
Posted: 3:51:25 pm on 7/2/2014 Modified: Never
Someone who knows the boats correct me if I'm wrong, but there wouldn't be a shaft in a Mk V rudder, would there? It's hung outboard with an externally mounted tiller. There are probably blocks inside to prevent the mounting bolts from crushing the interior foam, but that's it.

Sourcing material might be an issue, but if you still have the original bits, copying shouldn't be hard - shape the structural foam with overall shape and foil cross-section templates  (with an extra shallow "trench" for a few tows of Lyasil or even carbon for stiffness) then wrap the whole business with good quality glass and epoxy.

If you're not too concerned about weight, consider a traditional wooden rudder - see Black Arts for one man's response to a storm that destroyed Hyperion's rudder.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: Mk V Rudder (oasis)
Posted: 10:03:11 am on 7/3/2014 Modified: Never
Thanks everyone.  There is no shaft in a Mk V rudder. The only metal parts to the Mk V rudder are the gudgeons and pintles.  The blade is structural foam and fiberglass at the edges, and fill foam in the "hollow" centre. Top portion is not split, but I am guessing is is the same as the blade.

I did read the Hyperion rudder story.  Mk V is so big with the above water portion that I think weight of a wooden one would be a big factor, but still under consideration.  I think for a DIY project that would be easier than working with foam.  

I ran across a video showing a person who welded correctly cut foil sections to a vertical tube, filled the gaps between the foil sections with standard insulation styrofoam for fill and easy shaping, then glassed over the whole thing.  Interesting concept!  

I also found a place in Idaho that will fabricate a rudder, but would not be traditional Mk V shape (Mk V chord is 26 inches at top of blade and narrows to 19 inches at bottom).  He proposes a constant 21 inch chord with a NACA 12 foil which he says is the ideal for a rudder, vs the MkV rudder which is closer to a NACA 9 foil.  He believes this will give a performance boost.

Anyone know anything about foil shape?  The above is my knowledge!

Time is a factor too.  Phil has a 6 week production time.  Still on the hunt.  And waiting to see insurer's position too.

Thanks again for sharing knowledge and ideas.  I will keep the post updated for those who might be interested.

Barry  Oasis  1987 Mk V
  Re: Mk V Rudder (JRTauber)
Posted: 3:38:45 pm on 9/4/2014 Modified: 4:07:29 pm on 9/4/2014
I would use carbon cloth rather than glass and use epoxy.   I did this for a Rhodes 19 rudder.  You can drop some weight that way. See instructions at .   Jerry
  Re: Mk V Rudder (oasis)
Posted: 11:43:30 am on 9/14/2014 Modified: Never
So the story of Oasis's rudder ends.  

Fortunately for me my insurer classified this as an accident, and covered the cost.  A local fiberglass fabricator/repairer estimated the cost to repair at $4300.  A new rudder, and all the "fixings" and shipping and tax etc from Phil's Foils in Ottawa was about $3800.  So Oasis now has a brand new rudder.

The old rudder with some kind of goopy fiberglass "frame" gluing two fiberglass halves together and foam core weighed about 75 pounds (bathroom scale) with the bottom 1/3 of the fiberglass cover missing from one side of the blade.  The new rudder is about 35 pounds with hardware installed - cedar core wrapped with fiberglass.  What a difference.  Had to push it into the water to instal!

Also notable is that the blade on the new rudder is about 6 inches longer and about 4 inches narrower.  Phil doesn't know why.  Could have been an after market rudder?  Or, perhaps Oasis being a shoal keel boat made in the Rhode Island plant, came with a different rudder?

New rudder is much lighter on the tiller, and though I have only had her out in medium air, seems to handle about the same, but with slightly less bite while beating.  ( you could validly say that may be my fault for poor sail trimming).

Anyway, all's well.  Thank you very much to all who offered ideas.  If anyone want photos of the guts of a Mk V rudder, let me know.

Barry  Oasis 1987 Mk V