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exclamation RACING (and Party) - EYC Levels (Aug 23/24) (KnotiusMax )
Posted: 1:10:47 pm on 8/11/2014 Modified: Never
Wow - we have four mkV's registered already and hope to have a fifth and possibly our own start before the deadline.  Still Knot Working, Distant Thunder and Consort are looking forward to more mkV's and 27 classics joining us for a great regatta and fantastic party.  If you're on the fence - jump down and join in the fun.

Looks like we're racing PHRF this year but regardless - join in!

Would be great to see some of the mkV's from east of Toronto - Fuzzy Logic/Rum's Gone......are you out there?   Let us know!!!

Scott Fraser,
Knotius Maximus
Mk V - Hull 154