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  Wanted: Martec prop (sony2000)
Posted: 10:56:01 pm on 8/19/2014 Modified: Never
My Atomic 4 is history, and was replaced by a electric motor this Spring. So I'm in need of a folding Martec prop 12X12 or 12X10, 7/8" RH, if anyone has one. I'm a willing buyer!
  Re: Wanted: Martec prop (bosco)
Posted: 6:56:35 pm on 8/20/2014 Modified: Never
There are several Martec's listed on E-bay however the descriptions are not well written. Looks like $450 will buy one there.
 Clare Jordan Aragorn
  Re: Wanted: Martec prop (sony2000)
Posted: 7:57:34 pm on 8/21/2014 Modified: Never
Ebay has generally big diameter Martecs. 12" is the smallest they made. At $450, the sellers are looking for suckers. Generally they sell for much less.
  Re: Wanted: Martec prop (sony2000)
Posted: 7:31:27 pm on 5/2/2015 Modified: Never
Found a 13X13 Martec folding, in Florida.
  Re: Wanted: Martec prop (MarkD)
Posted: 4:43:12 pm on 5/4/2015 Modified: Never
I have a martec prop that was used on our C and C 27 MKV.  It is in good condition but I don't know the specs off hand as it is stored on the boat.  If you are interested, I will grab the specs for you.  It is defiinitely 7/8 shaft size

Mark Doucette MKV Hull # 067 "Easy Does It"
St Margaret's Bay
Nova Scotia

  Re: Wanted: Martec prop (sony2000)
Posted: 6:02:50 pm on 5/4/2015 Modified: Never
Mark thanks for the heads up, but your prop most likely has a low pitch number, from 7 to 10 inches. However its a good time of the year to sell it.