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  Mk V bulkhead drain (jaghtschip)
Posted: 11:02:59 pm on 8/30/2014 Modified: Never
Recently undertook a Mk v restoration project and have been heavily utilizing the site. So a brief thank you to all those whom have contributed.

Noted in the black arts section there was some commentary about a recess in the earlier Mk v's that's allowed for water to collect just forward of the main bulkhead. Apparently this defect was addressed in later models by the addition of a drainage hole. Has anyone completed this repair retroactively?

Any recommendations on size and location? May be a case of a picture being worth a thousand words.  


1984 MkV 564
Hudson Valley, NY

  Re: Mk V bulkhead drain (JWente)
Posted: 6:59:16 pm on 9/10/2014 Modified: Never
Distant Thunder came equipped with the drain.  It is. braided reinforced 1/2 polythene hose that runs from under the lining in front of the head into the top of the keel sump.  We can' only see the end sticking into the sump.  
  Re: Mk V bulkhead drain (Brent)
Posted: 5:12:21 pm on 10/18/2014 Modified: Never
I have the same issue. Is your hull number correct? I don't think C&C built 500 hulls in the same year.
I'd love to see a picture of the later bilge area

Brent Driedger

S/V Wild Rover

C&C 27 MkV #15


  Re: Mk V bulkhead drain (jaghtschip)
Posted: 5:40:46 pm on 10/20/2014 Modified: Never
If I'm not mistaken the 5## series denotes the hulls built in Rhode island while the other numbers denote the niagara location.

Generally this corresponds to the "CCY" vs "ZCC" difference.

Believe there is a full thread on the hull number issue but suppose the take away from this is both the early production Canadian and US boats share the same defect.

1984 MkV 564
Hudson Valley, NY

  Re: Mk V bulkhead drain (JWente)
Posted: 7:33:21 pm on 2/12/2015 Modified: Never
The added the drain hose somewhere after hull 22 and before hull 69
in 1985?