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  Membership in C&C 27 Association (admin)
Posted: 1:26:06 pm on 9/3/2014 Modified: Never

If you are registered on this Forum, you will already have seen this letter. If you haven't signed up, but want to support what we do here, read on.


We’d like you to join the C&C 27 Association, if you don’t already belong (and if you recently renewed, please accept our apologies). This is the first membership drive since 2011, so we hope you’ll read it through.

As a C&C 27 owner, you already know you’re sailing one of the best production boats ever built. As a registered contributor to our Web site’s Forum, you already know

-    that since 1999, the 27 Association’s Web site has told you everything you need to know about the history and development of your C&C 27;

-    that you have instant access to the site’s detailed information on major setup and maintenance issues, along with sources for the supplies you need to make a confident, long-lasting fix for whatever ails your boat; and

-    that whenever you need more, a network of interested 27 sailors will give you the benefit of their experience and unbiased advice on our lively Forum - within days if not hours.

You may not know, though, that we need your help to keep it going. All of the Association’s work is done by volunteers, 27 owners like you, planning, organizing, working on the Web site and so on. Hosting a Web site, though, is not free, and hosting a photo-rich site like ours is more expensive than hosting a simple text site.

Why not join the sailors from Lake Michigan to Florida who support our site and our work to maintain interest in the C&C 27 (and support its value). For just $25.00 (see payment details on the form below), you’ll receive:
-    a year’s membership in the 27 Association;
-    access to an Acrobat pdf copy of the original C&C 27 owner’s manual;
-    a nylon class flag you’ll be proud to fly (first-time members only).

Support the 27! Support the Association! Join us today!


Larry Bayer,
President C&C 27 Association
A non-profit volunteer association of C&C 27 owners

PS: I’ve attached a text version of our membership form. I hope I’ll be hearing from you soon.

Association e-mail policies & Unsubscribe

We will never give your e-mail or other information to anyone else. Period. As we also said, we will send you an e-mail from time to time asking you to join the Association or renew your membership.

If this vexes you, just remember that membership fees are the Association’s only source of revenue. If people like you don’t join and support the Association, there will be no site.

C&C 27 Class Association
Application for Membership & Renewal
Support the Class Association that supports your boat (and its value). The Association works to maximize your enjoyment of the C&C27 through:
• class events;
• lobbying of sailing and racing governing bodies;
• maintenance of class standards;
• promotion of communication among owners.
Privacy: The Association will not lend, trade or sell this information.

Postal Code/Zip
Home tel.
Bus. tel.
Fax no.
Home club
Yacht name                                    Sail number
Version (Mark)                                    Year built
Applicant’s signature

Annual dues are $25.00 Cdn. or $25.00 US. We accept cheques drawn on Canadian or US banks, or postal money orders (payable to membership secretary, Jim Wente – money-laundering and governance rules for account-holders at North American banks now make it virtually impossible to maintain an account in the Association's name, so we fly under the radar this way; this also means no e-payment - sorry).

Send your application and payment to:

Jim Wente,
4 Storey Cr.,
Toronto, ON
M9B 3C8

- Admin

  Re: Membership in C&C 27 Association (JWente)
Posted: 10:54:36 am on 9/13/2014 Modified: Never
We are gratified by an excellent response from the membership and new members.
(If you have not responded yet, please do so - keeping the site running does incur monthly expenses). For those expecting C & C 27 flags there will be a short delay - I need to order some more !!