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question MKIII bulkhead rot at chainplate (chrisbesignano)
Posted: 2:25:51 pm on 9/4/2014 Modified: Never

I am looking to purchase a MKIII but noticed the bulkhead (double berth against head) has rotted where the chainplate connects. Leaking from above. Wood is soft, poke your finger through condition just where the chainplate connects. What is the fix? Will the entire bulkhead require replacement or can the section be cut out and a new piece epoxied in? Can I add a stainless plate to reinforce the section and grab wood farther away from the rot? Sale is on hold until I get a handle on what this will cost. Any feedback is appreciated.


- Chris
  Re: MKIII bulkhead rot at chainplate (bosco)
Posted: 7:18:04 pm on 9/5/2014 Modified: Never
Hi Chris,
With this serious fault, I would certainly involve a competent surveyor before going any further toward a purchase.( it sounds like you haven't done so.)
  IMHO , this is not a repair to be tackled by a " home handy-man".
Clare Jordan Aragorn
  Re: MKIII bulkhead rot at chainplate (chrisbesignano)
Posted: 8:51:25 pm on 9/5/2014 Modified: Never
Surveyor was out yesterday afternoon. His recommendation is to clean out rot (top 3 thru bolts, approx 1.5" wide), embed with West System epoxy, and install 2 aluminum plates to on either side of chain plates, bolted thru the "virgin" wood to spread the load. Seems sounds to me, I believe this is done on J24's to combat a similar issue. The chainplate is being removed today and I will inspect it prior to repair. I am prepared to walk away if not satisfied with the fix. Is this leak a common issue on C&C 27 and can it be stopped with new bedding compound or other sealant?
  Re: MKIII bulkhead rot at chainplate (davidww1)
Posted: 11:05:43 am on 9/5/2014 Modified: Never
Yes the leak is common and yes it can be fixed by removing the cover plate on deck, cleaning out the existing bedding compound and replacing it. If the bedding is original, it's butyl tape, which many people prefer as it doesn't harden.

The area should be monitored, though, as the loads from the mast tend to move the chainplates constantly.

The deck surrounding the chainplates on this boat should be checked carefully for water entry and delamination as the water that rotted the bulkhead could easily have also entered the balsa of the deck laminate. It's messy but not a huge job to pull all the chainplates, clean the area, then scoop out the balsa at the edges of the chainplate holes and replace that balsa with thickened epoxy.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: MKIII bulkhead rot at chainplate (whippet)
Posted: 1:45:05 pm on 9/6/2014 Modified: Never

Suspect your repair is not just limited to the bulkhead.   The deck must need some rebuild as well since that is source of water.   Besides some advice under threads "chainplates"  and "chain plate" on this site, i found the following link useful (despite name) since has photos

1981 MkIII, Hull 886
Etobicoke YC, Toronto ON

  Re: MKIII bulkhead rot at chainplate (wrapper)
Posted: 8:55:05 pm on 9/8/2014 Modified: 4:36:52 pm on 9/8/2014
Check out Cygnus.  It is for sale.  Recored deck !

In Montreal.

C&C 27 Hull 518

[See the previous index page for the ad for this boat: CYGNUS - 1975 C&C 27 MK III for sale. - Admin]
  Re: MKIII bulkhead rot at chainplate (Kilroy)
Posted: 8:35:14 pm on 9/26/2014 Modified: Never
Hi Chris. I have just listed my C&C 27 on the forum. It has been recorded and is dry. No leaks and in good condition.
Tim ,Windsor On.
"Oui R One"
C&C 27 MK III  511