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  Folding Prop question (doogymon)
Posted: 9:31:33 pm on 11/19/2014 Modified: 9:41:49 pm on 11/23/2014
1979 MkIII with YanmarYSM12  (LH Screw @ 1" Shaft Dia)

Eyeballing a Gori folding prop with gears but it seems

like the blades might touch the rudder when folded.

Black Arts doesn't cover off on that combination.

Any solutions or testimonials.

Cheers * Thanks

  Re: Folding Prop question (Jeff)
Posted: 1:56:12 pm on 11/20/2014 Modified: 9:42:06 pm on 11/23/2014
How big is the prop?
C&C 27 Mk I #4
Port Stanley, On.

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  Re: Folding Prop question (doogymon)
Posted: 7:16:11 pm on 11/20/2014 Modified: 9:42:54 pm on 11/23/2014
12"  x 9 with 1 inch shaft is the size of the two blade Gori.

Existing fixed 2 blade is a federal 13" x 8.

What does the 4 mean in the pic?

If the blades don't touch the rudder, i think the prop will work.

If I need and an inch or two, cut the shaft and re-thread?



  Re: Folding Prop question (sony2000)
Posted: 7:49:13 pm on 11/21/2014 Modified: 9:42:39 pm on 11/23/2014
Measure the distance from the bottom of the notch in the torpedo section, to the tip of the prop.
Then from the end of the driveshaft add that distance and 1/4'".
Do this with the same slope of the shaft. Does it touch the rudder?