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  Thanks for this Site (whippet)
Posted: 11:12:51 am on 1/2/2015 Modified: Never
As the new year starts, I would like to put out a big thanks to David and others, for many years of keeping this site available.

I use this site as a valuable resource.   Black Arts is a gift, as well as ability to search the Forum for similar issues others have faced over the years.    Not a simple task for a non-mechanic to keep the old girl in good sailing condition, and this site has my back.

Volunteers never get enough due, so I'd like to put out a hip-hip horray to David and his association colleagues.

1981 MkIII, Hull 886
Etobicoke YC, Toronto ON

  Re: Thanks for this Site (bosco)
Posted: 9:51:21 pm on 1/3/2015 Modified: Never
 Let me ' second' your 'kudos'  to Dave.
 Over the years, I have been an occassional contributor of ideas and comments however, on balance, I have to say that this site , with it's thousands of items, has given me back far more than ever added.
Collectively we're pretty d*** smart and innovative. We 27 owners have resource that others must envy!
Clare Jordan.  Aragorn
  Re: Thanks for this Site (KenPole)
Posted: 1:27:05 pm on 1/3/2015 Modified: Never
Make that three -- and probably counting! In the few years that I've owned Santiva, I have learned a ton(ne) of stuff. Keep up the good work == and HNY to all.

Ken Pole, Ottawa
1975 Mark III Santiva

  Re: Thanks for this Site (davidww1)
Posted: 10:24:00 am on 1/5/2015 Modified: Never
Thank you all for the kind words. None of this would be possible if it had not been for the people who have contributed ideas and information over the years. I am not going to attempt to thank them individually, for fear of insulting someone by missing an obvious worthy, but any search is bound to turn up at least one of the names of a major contributor or two.

These comments also validate the long-ago decision to enforce a visible conversation within the forum, rather than letting people initiate a dialogue, then continue with the substance of a discussion via e-mail or private messages. The result is that we have a huge body of searchable information about these boats. The lion's share is very practical, experience-based and intelligently written rather than conjectural or wildly argumentative, a feature that sets it apart from a good many sailing forums I have read.

Finally, none of this would be possible without the financial support of members of the C&C 27 Association, whose dues support the presence of this site on the Web. People in the Electronic Frontier Foundation, etc. like to parrot that "Information wants to be free", to which we respond, "but bandwidth is billed monthly". Members, your support is appreciated.

Thank you again, and a great sailing season to all for 2015.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV