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  MMSI (pablorusjan)
Posted: 12:14:16 pm on 1/14/2015 Modified: Never

Did anyone fill the Canadian MMSI application form:

What is the  "Capacity for persons on board" for the MkV?

  Re: MMSI (Katara)
Posted: 6:42:20 pm on 1/19/2015 Modified: Never
V Berth , forward & quarter berth twin berths = 6

Gerard Warner
Katara, '79 Mk III
D.Y.C.  Ontario

  Re: MMSI (JWente)
Posted: 7:24:25 pm on 2/10/2015 Modified: Never
Boy, I hope I never have to sleep six in mine.
Not adults, anyway
Posted: 3:59:54 pm on 2/11/2015 Modified: Never
If it's a Mk V then two in the V berth, two (good friends) in the port side seat with the  back-rest installed to enlarge the seat, and one in the quarter five friendly adults. As Jim says, six is really a no-go!
Good luck!

Alan of SMOKE 1984 Mk V 002

  Re: MMSI (JWente)
Posted: 7:29:12 pm on 2/12/2015 Modified: Never
I also hope never to sleep five in mine
or four