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  Mark 3 mast head. (Martin Jubenvile)
Posted: 11:27:53 am on 1/30/2015 Modified: Never
I want to install a small bow sprit and get a continuous line furler for a asymmetrical kite.

First off, who makes the mast?

I need a masthead halyard. Does the Mark 4 have a double sheave in front because as I recall the Mark 3 doesn't?

If so, can I buy one new?



C&C 27 Mark III 1978


"Shifts and Giggles"

  Re: Mark 3 mast head. (Van_Isle)
Posted: 8:13:25 pm on 2/4/2015 Modified: Never
My C&C 27 MkIII has a double sheave at the masthead. Port side is the internal genoa halyard. Starboard side is empty. But would you not want an external block to get the halyard out and away from the forestay and genoa furler? ... on a spinnaker "block crane" attached to the masthead?

North Saanich, B.C.

  Re: Mark 3 mast head. (Katara)
Posted: 9:38:03 pm on 2/17/2015 Modified: Never
I have Mk3 and have a double sheave front and back on my masthead .

i think Klacko Spars ltd. supplied the masts and metal work for C&C at that time .
Danny can make you a new one and most likely has used ones too

Gerard Warner
Katara, '79 Mk III
D.Y.C.  Ontario