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  Question about shifter cable (BatGuano)
Posted: 6:10:42 pm on 5/11/2015 Modified: 9:03:53 pm on 5/12/2015
During lift in last weekend, I found I could not shift my engine into gear as the shifter seemed seized. Eventually I did manage to get it in gear but it is very stiff, it has always been stiff and now I know why.

Looking below to try and diagnose the problem, I noticed that my shifter cable comes out of the bottom of my wheel pedestal, goes forward over the engine, and loops around below the port side to connect with the shifter lever on the side of the transmission. This seems like a rather long and loopy cable run to me, and I am wondering why it wasn't setup to go directly from the pedestal base to the shifter lever from the stern.

Is this a standard setup? I can see no reason for the cable to pass the lever going forward only to make a big loop to go back.

My engine is a YSM-12 Yanmar.

EDIT: corrected spelling.

Alan Richards
Runaway, Mk III hull 804
Holyrood, NL

  Re: Question about shifter cable (bosco)
Posted: 7:28:58 pm on 5/13/2015 Modified: Never
Hi Allen,
 My guess is that the cable is arranged that way so that intuitively you push the shift lever in a forward direction to make the boat go forward and to make that happen, the far end of the cable has to approach the transmission from the front -- hence the "loop" around the engine. As to the long length; when a loop is required, it must be a gradual bend or the cable would bind in the sheath. Both ideas are just guesses but seem to make sense.
 Clare Jordan. Aragorn
  Re: Question about shifter cable (BatGuano)
Posted: 6:23:22 pm on 5/13/2015 Modified: Never
Thanks Clare. I had thought about that, but my shifter is up and down so it could be either way. I suppose someone could have been used to forward being down, and not knowing that the lever could be reversed on the transmission, went this route. I was just wondering if this is how other 27's were setup originally or if it was something that a previous owner had done. Is your cable setup this way?

Alan Richards
Runaway, Mk III hull 804
Holyrood, NL