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  Prop Puller (doogymon)
Posted: 9:35:59 pm on 6/1/2015 Modified: 10:20:25 pm on 6/1/2015

Any testimonials on what type of puller and techniques?

I have a fixed two blade with 1" shaft.

Can the C-Clamp style do the trick?

Much obliged.


  Re: Prop Puller (davidww1)
Posted: 12:36:40 pm on 6/3/2015 Modified: 5:59:27 pm on 6/3/2015
Prop pulling normally only is problematic with some folding props. Almost any puller will do for a 2-blade fixed prop. The C-clamp style with a screw bearing on the centre of the shaft is preferable to the type you hit with a mallet.

I'd double-check that shaft diameter (not that it's particularly relevant to this task); most 27's have a 7/8" shaft.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: Prop Puller (doogymon)
Posted: 2:22:43 pm on 6/3/2015 Modified: Never
Hi David

Thanks very much.

Pretty sure 1" shaft.

Ok so I'll try to beg borrow or buy a C Clamp style.

Would make one if I had the time.


  Re: Prop Puller (doogymon)
Posted: 12:52:56 pm on 10/17/2016 Modified: Never

You were correct.

7/8" Shaft for my Yanmar YSM12.

Also Left Hand screw.

I scored a new Martec MKII (New Old Stock) 1" bore.

There is a company producing bushings to reduce the prop bore size.

Going to give a go. Hope the Yanmar can spin the 14" folder (9" Pitch).