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  Ports (Jeff McCarthy)
Posted: 10:03:12 pm on 6/18/2015 Modified: Never
I am thinking of installing opening ports in the head area of my Mk V. Has anyone installed ports on their Mark V and have any recommendations as to brand and size? Thanks!

Jeff McCarthy
1986 Mark V, Sails Call
Indian Harbour Beach, FL

  Re: Ports (bosco)
Posted: 6:46:30 pm on 6/19/2015 Modified: Never
Hi Jeff,
I have a Mk III rather than a Mk V, and I installed an opening port some years ago.The installation should be similar. I found a port with the same height as the opening but it was  just slightly longer than the opening  (which had oval shaped ends)- so a bit of cutting was needed thru the deck and the liner. I remember making some "filler" pieces out of marine plywood to fill in the space between deck and liner, putting them around the perimeter of the opening  so that the inner and outer flanges of the new port had something solid to butt against. Use a good sealant and " Bob's your Uncle" .

Clare Jordan Aragorn