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  Gooseneck slide (secondchance)
Posted: 3:53:06 pm on 6/28/2015 Modified: Never
Greetings forum. After a quick search, I didnít see any threads on this topic, so:

I had my (cast aluminum?) 1980 MKIII gooseneck slide break yesterday during an outing in 15-20 knot winds under full sail. Nothing too crazy, but I guess these things happen on 35 year old boats. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions how to best replace the broken slide.

First order of business would be to remove the broken piece. However I donít see a convenient way to do it. The slide travels along a groove in the mast - however there is a polymer mainsail track which sits above it in the same groove which extends all the way to the masthead. Iím worried I might have to step the mast to remove this simple piece from the bottom. Thoughts???

Second order of business would be to buy a replacement slide. Any recommendations/opinions?

Thanks in advance!

Andrew Cramlet
1980 C&C 27 MKIII Second Chance
Burnham Harbor, Chicago, IL

  Re: Gooseneck slide (davidww1)
Posted: 4:59:19 pm on 6/28/2015 Modified: 5:00:00 pm on 6/28/2015
If you google "C&C 27 gooseneck" or "C&C 27 parts", you just might find someone who is parting out an old boat but a surer solution is to contact one or both of Klacko Spars and South Shore Yachts. The first is a past supplier to the company and the second is former C&C employees who specialize in providing parts. See the Contacts page.

I can't picture the gooseneck attachment, but would it be possible to grind out part of the track below the present mounting position, remove the screws that hold the fitting in position, then slide the casting down and out?

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV