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  marvel mystery oil (mikeware)
Posted: 8:49:24 pm on 7/17/2015 Modified: Never
Should I be using the Marvel Mystery Oil in gas and oil as seems to be advised by Moyer Marine? Should there be any additives?  What about synthetic oil?
If there are fans of Marvel, does anyone know where you can get it in Canada?

Mike Ware
C&C 27 Mark 1 1971 Parsifal
Bronte Harbour Marina

  Re: marvel mystery oil (Brian Tivnan)
Posted: 9:52:03 pm on 7/18/2015 Modified: Never
I am not an experienced mechanic, so I have the Moyer Marine Manual for the Atomic 4 and I blindly follow it

For additional details not covered in the manual, I heed the advice of the experts on the Moyer forum.  There you will find a wealth of info on Marvel Mystery Oil and engine oil.

I adhere to the prevailing wisdom by using Shell Rotella 15W40 Diesel Oil.  Yes, diesel.  Check out the Moyer forum to get the complete lowdown on the Rotella  - more details than I can relay to you but has to do with the changing properties of engine oil over the past 40+ years.

For MMO, yes I use it.  Don Moyer recommends use something, so I use it. Don says we should use MMO at winter layup, has worked great for me.  I don't know the specifics of where to find MMO in Canada but I don't recall this being an issue for others on the Moyer forum.  

As for additives, the Moyer community is largely down on fuel additives, with MMO being the lone exception if you have persistent engine issues like sticky valves.

If you don't know what chemistry experiments your Previous Owner ran in your fuel tank, then consider pumping out your fuel tank and starting with fresh gas, ideally ethanol free gas if it is available in your area.  That is what I did, pumped out the fuel tank and then added it to my truck - no problem.  

Brian Tivnan
C&C 27 Mk I, #45, Vermonstah
Lake Champlain

  Re: marvel mystery oil (Jeff)
Posted: 10:15:23 pm on 7/18/2015 Modified: 10:16:04 pm on 7/18/2015
From their website this is supposed to be their Eastern Canada contact number: 905-470-6665. They also mention that it's available in places like NAPA and Walmart but that might just be in the US.

C&C 27 Mk I #4
Port Stanley, On.
  Re: marvel mystery oil (whippet)
Posted: 7:27:17 pm on 7/21/2015 Modified: Never
I couldnt find MMO in the greater Toronto area -- unless you consider Buffalo NY where i pick mine up.   Next time you cross border...

Agree with endorsement for Moyer Marine.   No better place for A4 advice.

1981 MkIII, Hull 886
Etobicoke YC, Toronto ON

  Re: marvel mystery oil (Katara)
Posted: 8:17:14 pm on 7/22/2015 Modified: Never
I'm not much of a potion & lotion believer . I do change my oil regularly and use Lucas Oil additive . I run fuel from my Yacht club's pump just a regular gas i think ? I installed  a Mercury Quicksilver water separating fuel filter kit which made a huge difference . When i winterize i undo the filter and put 2 stroke oil into the fuel filter and run it through till stall . This practice also forces you to change the filter in the spring . I only use Quicksilver oil from Mercury , just what i like no other reason . The Atomic is great engine and not that fussy , regular maintenance and quality products the engine performs amazing . The valve seats can be an issue and things need rebuilt . No potion or lotion is going to cure low compression from a worn valve seat .

Gerard Warner
Katara, '79 Mk III
D.Y.C.  Ontario

  Re: marvel mystery oil (Van_Isle)
Posted: 10:44:17 am on 7/24/2015 Modified: Never
I follow Moyer's recommendations and use MMO in the fuel only. It's available in Walmart in small bottles here in Victoria, but YMMV. Never seen it in a Canadian NAPA. A couple years ago when I drove down to the US I purchased several gallons of it from places like AutoZone and PepBoys. Probably have a lifetime supply now!

I'm just using regular SAE 30 oil. Make sure whatever you use that it is compatible with wet clutches.

1979 C&C 27 MkIII, Hull No. 780
North Saanich, BC
  Re: marvel mystery oil (mikeware)
Posted: 6:28:21 pm on 7/24/2015 Modified: Never
For those in the Toronto area - I found the chain Tru Country and Garden has or will order in Marvel Mystery Oil. There is one in Schomberg, manager Amanda schombergtcg at bellnet dot ca or 905-939-2911.  $8.49 per 946ml or you can get a case of 6 for 10% discount.  There is also a store in Newmarket.

Mike Ware
C&C 27 Mark 1 1971 Parsifal
Bronte Harbour Marina

  Re: marvel mystery oil (KenPole)
Posted: 8:25:25 pm on 7/31/2015 Modified: Never
I found it at a couple of Canadian Tire outlets in Ottawa -- and one in Toronto a couple of months ago. One clerk said "oh yea, we carry it all the time".

Ken Pole, Ottawa
1975 Mark III Santiva