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question hull id numbers Pre 1972 (Peg leg)
Posted: 5:10:41 pm on 8/24/2015 Modified: Never
I was down at the boat doing stuff on the boat list when I looked at the number routered? into the bow side of the bulkhead 331672. I am guessing she was finished in 1972? The other #s I can only guess at. On the transom the stamped label is faded but legible C&C 27 21 71 N. I take this as Boat Length, Hull Number, Year, Niagara-on-the -lake. I know HIN's have been covered , but she was built before late 1972.
Any Idea's?

Lawrence Thomas
Dundas, Ont.
Sundance III, C&C 27 Mark 1
Burlington Sailing and Boating Club

  Re: hull id numbers Pre 1972 (bosco)
Posted: 7:17:19 pm on 8/25/2015 Modified: Never
Hi Lawrence,
  The numbers chiselled ( or routered ) into the bulkhead tell me that your boat is very likely registered, ( rather than licenced ). She would have been registered under a " copyrighted " name with her original point of registration recorded along with her name.
Some digging on your part will reveal the mystery to you.
Clare Jordan ---Aragorn ( registered in Kingston,Ontario )
  Re: hull id numbers Pre 1972 (admin)
Posted: 1:57:29 pm on 8/25/2015 Modified: 3:23:06 pm on 8/25/2015
The routered number is Sundance III's Official Number or ON (see
and she's registered to one Lawrence Thomas. The other number you note is the builder's pre-HIN number.

The name is not really copyright, but registered vessel names must sound unique so there is no confusion when they are spoken over the radio (or so I was told when I registered my boat's name). FYI for US readers, registering a vessel is essentially the same as documenting in the US.

One more thing - registering is forever, but the papers are time-limited. They will be automatically replaced gratis every few years (4?), but only if Transport Canada has your current address.

- Admin