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  Onan waterlift muffler (KenPole)
Posted: 4:21:20 pm on 8/31/2015 Modified: Never
Having finally replaced it with an under-cockpit Vetus unit a la Hyperion (from a posting several years ago; can't rush these things!), my Onan waterlift muffler is available to whomever wants it -- just pay for shipping. However, if someone in, say, the Toronto region is interested, I'll be there at Thanksgiving and could deliver. Works fine; just wanted to free up space in my portside locker. Reply to kenpoleatbelldotnet.

Ken Pole, Ottawa
1975 Mark III Santiva

  Re: Onan waterlift muffler (dmartis)
Posted: 4:04:12 pm on 9/10/2015 Modified: Never
Planning to relocate my muffler too! Need to make space for batteries somewhere other than beside the carburetor.  

Ken - do you have any photos of your completed installation you can share? Did you mount the new Vetus muffler "athwartship" overtop the stuffing box?
  Re: Onan waterlift muffler (Van_Isle)
Posted: 5:12:35 pm on 9/11/2015 Modified: Never
I've got one of those Vetus models that you can orientate the inlet and outlet in various ways ... small existing platform coming off the cockpit floor 'brace', next to the stuffing box on the port side.

Do you really want to move that battery weight further aft? I didn't get to it this summer but I still plan to put my batteries under the aft dinette seat.

1979 C&C 27 MkIII, Hull No. 780
North Saanich, BC
  Re: Onan waterlift muffler (KenPole)
Posted: 7:48:58 pm on 9/11/2015 Modified: Never
Pix? Will email (address?) a couple next week. It sits essentially fore and aft behind the stuffing boc, atop a slab of styrofoam (a la david weatherston's posting about his Installation on Hyperion).
Batteries? I agree with the suggestion that they'd be better off under the aft dinette seat. Running cable is not a huge challenge if you have a wiring fish (also useful for rigging new halyards, etc.). I have a trio of Odyssey AGMs whick tuck nicely out of the way and don't require battery boxes, but all my lights in a completely rewired boat are LED so demand is minimal, snd the fact that the one-litre Atomic 4 turns over so easily means that I don't require huge cranking power.

Ken Pole, Ottawa
1975 Mark III Santiva

  Re: Onan waterlift muffler (KenPole)
Posted: 8:10:59 pm on 9/22/2015 Modified: Never
Unit no longer available

Ken Pole, Ottawa
1975 Mark III Santiva

  Re: Onan waterlift muffler (dmartis)
Posted: 3:47:43 pm on 9/29/2015 Modified: Never
Thanks for the reply Ken - I was too late to see it however.  Too many distractions in life.  Would still be interested in seeing photos of your arrangement.  I see your point about moving weight further aft, although I'm hoping to balance the 20 gallon fuel tank high on the starboard side of the hull.  Reluctant to give up prime storage space under the dinette table for batteries.  Please send me pictures to martis-underscore-dan at yahoo dot com.

Thanks!Dan Martis
Dream Catcher
Oakville, Ontario
Mark 3, Hull #636