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  C&C 27 Mark V Adjustable Back Stay -fearful of losing the rig (Hardlee)
Posted: 7:00:54 pm on 10/12/2015 Modified: 1:03:38 pm on 10/15/2015
I am looking to find anyone who may have found this problem or knows a boat yard who's done work on this problem.  I fear loosing the rig in heavy air down wind conditions.

My adjustable backstay on the starbard side where it fastens to the corner of the hull at the sandwich between the deck and hull has been flexing under the casting at the aft end of the toe rail.  

It has been noticed for the past few years and is getting worse.  The boat yard where I keep my boat says the inside of the hull at that corner looks like there might have been some repair work due to the hull being hit at that corner.  I can't tell for sure.

What they are recommending involves placing chain plates on the transom near the outside edge and doing the same modification on both sides even though this appears only on the starboard side.  There are lots of cracks in the deck gel coast around the area and de-lamination of the deck lay up in the corner.  Yet the hull itself under the deck seems to show no problems and any signs of cracking.  

I wonder if the lay up of the transom fiber glass is adequate for a through hull chain plate?  That would relieve the stress on the adjacent deck. The potential failure of the original configuration at the casting is my worry. The plates would be positioned so they would line up with the normal pulling direction of the back stay geometry as it goes up the the mast head.  

This is an 1986 manufactured boat out of the Rhode Island production.  The boat is otherwise extremely clean and the Yanmar purrs all the way up to 3000 RPM.  

Help would be greatly appriecated.  And, if there's a way to speak with the C&C factory, I'd appreciate knowing any info.


John Lawrence

John Lawrence
Northern Dancer, Mark V, 1986
Pemaquid Harbor, Maine

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