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  Site outages (admin)
Posted: 10:51:50 am on 11/6/2015 Modified: Never
Over the past few weeks, we've had repeated site outages. I'm not going to apologize for them because I don't believe in apologizing for things that I and we (the Association) have no hand in, and have worked hard to avoid. Here's the story.

Some time ago, our secretary's credit card, with which we pay our ISP (Internet Service Provider) reached its expiry date and was replaced. Since then, he and I have made a number of attempts to give the new card details to our service provider. None of these attempts worked, but while they've gone on, we've had service terminated, then restored. And then terminated again. Rinse and repeat.

Yesterday and today, we've had a flurry of emails and phone calls which may or may not have resolved the problem (including their fixing of their fallback-of-last-resort payment form, which hasn't worked for three months). We shall see.

Should we say, forget it and move? Don't know -- they've been pretty good over the years, so I'm reluctant to rock the boat too hard. And moving a site is a real hassle. But the option is there. In the meantime, be assured that we want service back as much as you do. Stay tuned.

- Admin