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  Double tackle mainsheet system (PeterC)
Posted: 1:49:53 pm on 12/23/2015 Modified: Never
 I see in "black arts" that Serendipity was planning to use a trackless "double tackle " mainsheet system. I am thinking about this for by mark2. How did it work out? Any suggestions?

Peter Connolly
Santa Cruz, Ca.
C&C 27 Mk 2

  Re: Double tackle mainsheet system (davidww1)
Posted: 11:05:08 am on 1/28/2016 Modified: Never
I haven't answered this because my experience of this setup is old and I didn't want to say something I mis-remembered; recently I used this system, which has refreshed my memory and added a couple of new dislikes, so here goes...

Double-tackle systems should work reasonably well on a broad reach to a run, but one of the goals for most owners is to simplify the rig, so there's no vang - a poor omission in my view. The main turns into a shapeless rag. Once you come up to closehauled, the appropriate mix of boom position athwartships and leach tension requires a degree of fiddling that most people can't achieve with ease - or want to bother with, so the boat doesn't go to weather as a C&C27 should. You might as well be sailing a Catalina. You also end up with a lot of line in the cockpit, which defeats one of the objects, which is keeping the cockpit clear.

If you want to clear the cockpit at the dock, put a ring on your traveller and a snapshackle on the lower mainsheet block then shift the block out to the rail when you want more space. The double tackle on the coachroof is a clumsy compromise.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV