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  GTA Rope Manufacturers (doogymon)
Posted: 3:37:50 pm on 3/15/2016 Modified: Never
There are ads for braided line on Kijiji in the GTA (Toronto).

Burlington. Also Niagara Falls.

Any testimonials?

Cheers & thanks


  Re: GTA Rope Manufacturers (davidww1)
Posted: 3:52:28 pm on 3/18/2016 Modified: Never
No testimonials, but I would suggest to you that Dacron or polyester line is a commodity these days. There are no secrets to weaving, so it really comes down to the materials. I would look for a manufacturer who uses North American or European material and whose threadlines run the full length of the reel (some bargain lines are made with threads that are not end-to-end). Sorry, but that's all I know.

On a slightly different note - watch out for line that people are throwing away. Many people discard line that is really only dirty or mildewed. But dirt and mildew are only cosmetic problems. Put the line in a large lingerie bag or tie the coil loosely with string and wash it, preferably in a horizontal-drum washer (go to a laundromat if you need to - the line will get much cleaner). Use ordinary laundry detergent, nothing else - bleach will ruin the line. Voila - new line at the best possible price.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: GTA Rope Manufacturers (wrapper)
Posted: 10:30:47 pm on 3/18/2016 Modified: Never
I have been soaking in fabric softener.  Not too much. Makes the line easier to handle.

If the lines are too dirty, I soak and then wash if necessary.

C&C 27 Hull 518

  Re: GTA Rope Manufacturers (bosco)
Posted: 8:38:02 pm on 3/19/2016 Modified: Never
  There are a number of small manufacturers of rope . For example, one called "Cylex" is located in Deseronto Ont. less than 80 miles from my home. Another one is located near Hawkesberry Que. , a similar distance from me. Once these people have filled a 5,000 ' reel., they often have "ends" left ( not enough for another full reel). These 'ends' find their way to the market, either out the back door of the plant in short lengths to local customers or to individuals who buy them cheaply and resell them ( Flea Markets are often outlets).
 Some of these "ends" may may be sub-standard cosmetically or perhaps even structurally so if you find one of these sources , it pays to examine the rope carefully.

Clare Jordan.  Aragorn