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  Spinnaker Halyard for Mark I (Brian Tivnan)
Posted: 7:02:07 pm on 3/27/2016 Modified: Never
While I have my mast unstepped, I would like to replace the spinnaker  halyard. There was no spin halyard when I bought the boat, so I don't have any reference.

Can anyone with a Mk I tell me the length of your spin halyard, either actual length or say relative to the length of your main halyard?

For my spin halyard, I just have a block to starboard at the masthead.

Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions.

Brian Tivnan
C&C 27 Mk I, #45, Vermonstah
Lake Champlain

  Re: Spinnaker Halyard for Mark I (Jeff)
Posted: 4:38:00 pm on 3/30/2016 Modified: 5:02:10 pm on 3/30/2016
To hazard a guess I would say that my spin halyard is 75'. Give or take a bit. I run mine back to the cockpit too. At the top I have some bracketery installed that keeps the spinnaker away from the genoa furler. I have it run through a cheek block at the top of the mast too.

C&C 27 Mk I #4
Port Stanley, On.

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  Re: Spinnaker Halyard for Mark I (davidww1)
Posted: 5:33:05 pm on 3/30/2016 Modified: Never
This reminds me of the ancient joke about the two (insert nationality you want to insult here) guys who are told to measure the height of a flagpole. One says, "It's really light - let's just lower it and run a tape along it." The other answers, "No, dummy, he told us to measure the height, not the length. You'll have to climb it." And he does.

This problem is a lot easier. The Evolution page gives us the I and the J for a Mark I (33' and 11.75' - call it 12' for simplicity), so by simple geometry, the distance from masthead to the tack pin is 35.2'. Add another 33' to bring the halyard back down to the deck (68.2') plus the length of the boom, E or 10.5', to bring it back to the cockpit plus a bit (78.7'), then whatever fudge factor you think necessary. Done.

And there I couldn't see the point of high school math!

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: Spinnaker Halyard for Mark I (Brian Tivnan)
Posted: 12:22:41 pm on 4/3/2016 Modified: Never
Jeff - thanks for the tip on the brackets to avoid the furler.  Always helpful to hear from fellow Mark I owners. Makes the forum useful, despite the interference on the channel.

Brian Tivnan
C&C 27 Mk I, #45, Vermonstah
Lake Champlain