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  Gas Tank (pferland)
Posted: 8:38:10 pm on 4/22/2016 Modified: Never
Just an FYI
My old (steel) gas tank on my Mark II was starting to get pitted so I did some searching online for a replacement . I am not sure if my current tank is the original but it is MFG by Mirax Fuel Products. They still make the same size tank only in Aluminum now for $220 (plus shipping) - you can get it with a sending unit or built in fuel gauge
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  Re: Gas Tank (admin)
Posted: 9:38:22 pm on 4/22/2016 Modified: Never
Anyone who still has a steel tank should replace it asap. A very few tanks are monel, and they're probably okay, but steel... get rid of it! Around 2005, a Mk I owner replaced his tank and found that he could push his finger through the bottom rust. About 2010, a Toronto boat lost the entire contents of its tank into the bilge. Fortunately the owner doesn't smoke and didn't try to start the engine. So here we are another six years on. The worst rust is probably on the bottom where you can't see it; don't tell yourself "it's probably good for the season" - replace it.

- Admin

  Re: Gas Tank (pferland)
Posted: 12:54:38 pm on 4/22/2016 Modified: 3:00:52 pm on 4/26/2016
Yeah, for $220 it is a no brainer!

That's a really good deal. The Scepter poly tank that approximates a 27 tank is $350US on Amazon. Note that even if you have an aluminum tank, it's still worth checking the fuel sender. One contributor to the Forum pulled his sender out and found it was badly corroded and shedding bits of metal into the tank. See - Admin

  Re: Gas Tank (whippet)
Posted: 2:22:38 pm on 4/28/2016 Modified: 2:38:57 pm on 4/28/2016
Moeller makes a variety of inboard poly tanks - USCG approved etc.

I installed 2 years ago and has been welcome addition.   Price is  reasonable as well.  Has added advantage of visual sighting of fuel level since partially transparent.

1981 MkIII, Hull 886
Etobicoke YC, Toronto ON

[Thank you for that titbit. My old link for Moeller was defunct so I assumed they'd gone out of business (like a lot of marine firms in the last few years). We now have three options listed on the Gas Tank Warning page. - Admin]
  Re: Gas Tank (Ed)
Posted: 5:08:03 pm on 4/28/2016 Modified: Never
I purchased a Moeller tank through Amazon. Use the Moeller web site to size and get the model number to search Amazon. The new tank including fill, vent and supply hose locations matched very closely those on the old tank. This new one was for my C&C 34.

1971 Mk I, Hull 57 (totaled in Katrina)
  Re: Gas Tank/update (Lark)
Posted: 1:24:06 pm on 5/3/2017 Modified: Never

many thanks for the update on tank replacement

after reading the forum,  gas tank replacement is now a safety consideration and priority (new spinnaker can wait)

understand there are two replacement options,  polyethylene and of course aluminum

just wanted to confirm the advantages of the aluminum option as others in Vancouver have recommended polyethylene to me

any insight on your behalf and others is most welcome

many thanks

Brad and Nancy Davies
C&C 27 Mk III Lark</>
Vancouver Rowing Club
Vancouver BC
  Re: Gas Tank/update (davidww1)
Posted: 5:26:18 pm on 5/4/2017 Modified: Never
My suggestion is, "look before you leap", so you don't get hooked into replacing a part that's basically sound (as I did with my rudder, but that's another story).

I think Lark should be of the aluminum-tank vintage, and an aluminum tank is not necessarily shot (as a steel one would most certainly be). A lot depends on how much water got into the lazarette and wetted the plywood tank platform. If you have the time, pull the tank and have someone inspect it; it may be alright. (Or you may simply wish to say, the hell with it and replace it - entirely your call and I have no leanings toward aluminum versus plastic or vice versa.)

Fair warning: I've never pulled my tank, but thought I would have to and so measured to see if it will fit through the hatch. I concluded that it would, but I might have to take off the teak surround. Other than the hoses and a cleat at the bottom, there's not much holding it in. Others may wish to comment on the difficulty or lack thereof of removing a tank.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: Gas Tank (capricous)
Posted: 5:38:49 pm on 5/4/2017 Modified: Never
Great to know,and Thanks
Good deal,I would definitely get the aluminum

Capricious Mark 3 Hull #599

  Re: Gas Tank/update / many thanks (Lark)
Posted: 7:13:10 pm on 5/4/2017 Modified: 7:14:07 pm on 5/4/2017
David,  many thanks for your prompt and informative reply.  You are correct the tank is aluminum.  As per your suggestion, the previous owner of Lark will give me a hand pulling the tank and we will move forward from there based on our findings.  Once again, many thanks for your insight..kind regards  Brad and Nancy Davies
C&C 27 Mk III Lark
Vancouver Rowing Club
Vancouver BC
  Re: Gas Tank/update / many thanks (whippet)
Posted: 10:01:04 pm on 5/15/2017 Modified: Never
Hi   I weighed in about a year ago - and am still pleased with my poly Moeller.   Good news about a new tank is that is saves the PITA to clean out old one.  I figured the $250 was worth saved labour and a bunch of hazmat chems.  I like that i can see the fuel level in the tank.   I suppose if there was water or crud intrusion, I could probably see that too.   The A4 has been running a lot better too.  With a new tank brings clean gas.  

1981 MkIII, Hull 886
Etobicoke YC, Toronto ON